Agreement of Private Medical and Dental Colleges for Cut Off of Revised Fee by Rs.50,000

Agreement of Private Medical and Dental Colleges for Cut Off of Revised Fee and all details related to this topic are available here. If you want to check the fee structure of private medical and dental colleges in Pakistan, then there is no need to worry because we have provided a detailed description regarding the Agreement of Private Medical and Dental Colleges for Cut Off of Revised Fee. The Pakistan Association of Private Medical and Dental Institutions, (PAMI), on Wednesday, decided to lower the fees for medical and dental college. All students will be required to pay an Rs50,000 fee and a five percent tax. Students will need to submit a wealth statement that shows they have five years’ worth of tuition fees, income tax returns for parents or guardians, and an insurance certificate to cover the remainder of the tuition fee in the event of the death of a parent/guardian.

PAMI and the council agreed that admissions would be handled through a centralized policy. Public sector universities will also be used to admit students. Private institutions can’t ask for donations. On Wednesday, the chief justice informed a three-member court of the judiciary of the agreement between Pami, and PMDC.

Chief justice stated that he would like future doctors to have the right qualifications and be well-trained so that he and his family can get treatment from doctors already in medical schools.
I was told doctors can’t check blood pressure and fever. He said that the PMDC should be able to regulate colleges. The chief justice however stated that Pami has a significant role in the private sector. He stated that students should have the opportunity to obtain an education at lower rates, but not compromise on quality. Pami agreed to an Rs100,000. increase in fees instead of Rs150,000. He stated that the court was satisfied by the actions taken by Pami, and its cooperation.

Pami’s counsel stated that several sections of the contract were added without taking the association in confidence and that he hopes it will be adopted before legislation. After holding discussions, the court ordered both organizations to come up with an acceptable solution. He recommended that colleges not be closed and that they fulfill requirements. PMDC has recently closed Yusra Medical and Dental College Islamabad and Continental Medical College Lahore. Their students were directed to other colleges that are recognized by the council. Students from both colleges protested and held press conferences against the council. The chief justice took notice in December 2013 of the exorbitant fees charged at private medical colleges as well as the absence of an admissions policy.

Agreement of Private Medical and Dental Colleges for Cut Off of Revised Fee by Rs.50,000

Agreement of Private Medical and Dental Colleges for Cut Off of Revised Fee

Apex Court Sets Fee Limit for Country’s Private Medical Colleges

The apex court demanded a detailed report from the PMDC registrar in one week. It also made it clear that it wouldn’t allow an unjustified increase in fees. Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJ), Mian Saqib Nisar, on Saturday banned private medical colleges from charging fees exceeding Rs 642,000 and warned them about a complete shutdown of discrepancies in their accounts. During a suo motu hearing about the exorbitant fees charged by private medical colleges, he said that “the poor man’s son also wants to be a doctor.”

After submitting their account details and affidavits to court orders, the chief justice said, “You are charging Rs642,000 for fees.” If you find any excess, you will be required to repay it. It is not a good idea to charge more for medical school services than they are charging. Chief justice also stated that: “Now, we will understand the science behind medical colleges. If a fault is discovered, we will close all private medical colleges and universities. The registration of medical colleges will be prohibited.

Criteria for Private Medical and Dental Colleges

Chief Justice Nisar also criticized the medical college industry’s admission policies and passing-out criteria. He said: “Private medicine colleges do their marking, and pass their students. A uniform admission policy should be established and each merit considered. Admissions will not be made based on donations or money. A constitutional committee was also established by the JCP to visit all Pakistani medical colleges. The court had previously stopped all private medical colleges not recognized from admitting students at a previous hearing. The chief justice stated that if admissions are made by these colleges their chief executives or administrative bodies will be held personally responsible for violating this court’s order.

JCP also warned that an investigation would be initiated if the admission was mentioned in any way, even back dates.
Some medical colleges charged students excessive fees at the time they were admitted. The PMDC took notice and issued notices to the colleges asking them to refund the excess fee.

A parent of a student requesting reimbursement for the fee claimed that they had submitted a request to College management, signed by the parents, to have the excess fee returned. However, it hasn’t happened. He stated that the parents expected that the 2018 extra fee would be applied to the second-semester fees. However, that has also not occurred. The Rashid Latif Medical College in Lahore has issued yet another fee bill for Rs 12,300,00. This is excessive and against the Supreme Court order as well as PMDC policy.

Some medical and dental colleges are openly violating the apex court’s verdict on fees and other charges. Parents and students have appealed to the Supreme Court of Pakistan (SCP) and Pakistan Medical & Dental Council(PMDC), to be aware of excessive fees charged by private medical institutions. It was clear that private medical and dental colleges would be considered. They will accept all applicants, but they will only charge a nominal fee for their services. These terms must be accepted by private dental and medical colleges. Then, the council will consider private medical college demands at the next meeting.

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