HEC Interim Placement Program 2023 for Fresh PHDs IPFP Apply Online Last Date

Higher Education Commission HEC Islamabad announces HEC Interim Placement Program 2023 of fresh PhDs at Universities, Colleges, and Research Organizations for a year. It is an excellent opportunity for Ph.D. students who are just starting their studies and want to start their careers.  Applications are being accepted on the HEC Interim Placement Program 2023 across every discipline or field of study in the IPFP Phase II (Batch lV). The deadline for applying for HEC Interim Program for Fresh Ph. D.s is January 16, 2023. Applications are available on the HEC electronic portal.

Schedule for HEC Interim Placement Program 2023

  • Announcement Date: 14 December 2023
  • Last Date to Apply: 16 January 2023
  • Pre Assessment Test: 19 February 2023 Sunday

HEC Interim Placement Program 2023

Higher Education Commission Pakistan launched the IPFP program to provide opportunities for newly graduated Ph.D. candidates to gain experience in academics and mentorship for a year in Higher education institutions (HEls) as well as Federal/local postgraduate schools of the government or in public sector R&D organizations before their official admission to the academic job market.  This program provides numerous benefits, such as one-year work experience in reputable institutions and training and mentorship by HEC to enhance your career prospects. A monthly salary of 100,000 dollars will be paid.

HEC Interim Placement Program 2023 for Fresh PHDs IPFP Apply Online Last Date

HEC Interim Placement Program 2023

Eligibility Criteria for HEC Interim Placement Program 2023

  • Nationality Pakistani/AJK
  • Age shouldn’t be more than 40 years old at the time of application.
  • Achievement of the Ph.D. qualification from an accredited HEC Pakistani (or an international) university, completed in the two years before the announcement
  • The candidate must have published at minimum two research papers in HEC-recognized journals and/or Indexed journals.
  • Candidates must not be employed. But, people with Irregular or contractual jobs (or other suboptimal positions) at universities and elsewhere could apply. should they be selected, they must quit and provide an official clearance from the previous employer.
  • The exceptions are employees who are not gazetted (i.e., less than BPS 17) and want to keep their lien.

HEC Interim Placement Program 2023 Benefit

National Faculty Development Program (NFDP) The eligible candidates are offered the opportunity to attend a free one-month NFDP with a group of highly-respected trainers from the national and international arenas. Professional development continues: candidates who have completed NFDP will also be provided with ongoing development opportunities in the form of different online activities suggested by the National Academy of Higher Education (NAHE) during the duration of their Fellowship.

One year placement in a Host Institution: HEC will aid the IPFP Fellow to get the opportunity to work at HEls for some time to serve as an IPFP fellow by distributing the credentials of successful applicants.

Mentorship: Faculty mentors are assigned to teach IPFP Fellows at the host university.

Application Process to Apply

All submissions will be online on HEC Portal (https://eportal.hec.gov.pk/hec-portal-web/auth/login.jsf) followed by hard copy and should include the following information and supporting documents (which should also be uploaded directly to the portal):

Documents Required for Application Online

Curriculum vitae in its standard form, with:

  • A Statement of Goals (of not more than 150 words). While you create your statement of intent, the following tips can assist you. Make sure you use clear and powerful writing skills, with precise punctuation and grammar.
  • A clear description of your goals and interests in learning and teaching at universities in Pakistan.
  • Previous experience and the success of teaching and research by presenting two or three concrete examples.
  • Relevance and interest in the bearing of IPFP with your career goals and interests.
  • What are your expectations from the program and the contributions you could contribute to the IPFP program?
  • A listing of publications (an online link to the journal is required).
  • Abstract of the Ph.D. dissertation
  • The following documents can be scanned items:
  • Ph.D. degree
  • Other certificates or degrees (Bachelor’s or Masters)
  • CNIC
  • Three letters of recommendation include three letters of reference from your Ph.D. supervisor. Candidates who received their Ph.D. from a different country must submit at least one letter of recommendation by an internationally-based referee.
  • HEC students must submit a NOC to the HEC section on scholarship.
  • Selecting the test center to take the pre-assessment test.
  • A deposit slip of PKR 3000.00, which is a non-refundable fee for application in favor of director general Finance, HEC, in account number 1742-79001334-01. Habib Bank Limited.
  • Applicants must submit their hard copies (printed request form), a photo, a copy of all required documents, and the original fee deposit slip at the address provided in the advertisement.

Procedure for Selection and Placement

The following are the most important steps to follow in the process of selecting and placing IPFP Fellows:

  1. Complete the application submitted via the HEC portal. HEC portal.
  2. A preliminary examination of the applications to determine if they meet the eligibility requirements.
  3. Test for pre-assessment to determine if applicants are eligible.
  4. The declaration of the pre-assessment result is available on HEC/NAHE website.
  5. Participation in a training program that includes the National Faculty Development Program (NFDP) that is organized through NAHE (National Academy for Higher Education) to applicants who get an acceptable score, i.e., 50% on the test for pre-assessment.
  6. Announcement of the students who have graduated from the NFDP.
  7. The distribution of the lists of highly successful NFDP alumni to each of the private or public sector universities, HEIs postgraduate college of the federal government AJK government, provincial governments, and public sector R&D institutions.

Salary for HEC Interim Placement Program 2023

It is a fantastic opportunity for newly graduated PhDs who wish to kick off their professional career. The program has many advantages, including one-year work experience at well-known institutions and training and mentorship by HEC to help you find better opportunities in your career. A monthly salary of 100,000 dollars will be provided.

Position Title:

The successful candidates will wear the title “IPFP Fellow” throughout their Fellowship, i.e., NFDP and subsequent placements.

IPFP Roll No and Test Centers Information

The Pre-Assessment Test for IPFP Phase II Batch IV is scheduled to occur this coming Sunday, February 19, 2023.

After the application deadline, the Roll No, slips, and Test Centre Information are sent to the email you provided when you submitted your application submission. Please visit the HEC website for more information on the IPFP program.

Objectives for HEC Interim Placement Program 2023

The Fellowship program has four interconnected goals:

A. Opportunity for PhDs who are fresh The primary goal is to create a chance for Ph.D. students who are fresh from gaining the experience of a mentor and academic, for one year, at either private or public institutions, before their admission to the academic job market. Being selected as an IPFP Fellow grants the opportunity to apply for a research grant through the SRGP (Startup Research Grant Program) administered by the HEC Research Wing.

B. Opportunities for Universities: A similar purpose is to aid universities in their recruitment process to allow them to present their campuses to students and reduce their cost of searching. The host universities must announce regular faculty positions in BPS/TTS during the placement of IPFP Fellows. IPFP Fellows, so as to give Fellows the chance to compete for advertised jobs.

C. Evaluation of Gaps and feedback Thirdly, the Fellowship begins with a gap evaluation exercise to determine the best investments in capacity-building and provide input to universities about the strengths and weak points in the Ph.D. programs.

D. Capacity building Lastly, the Fellowship offers a comprehensive capacity-building program designed to provide Fellows with the abilities to be effective teachers, researchers, and university administrators and increase the likelihood of academic success.

Responsibilities of IPFP Fellows

The obligations of IPFP Fellows extend to but are not restricted to, the teaching of undergraduate and graduate courses, as determined by the academic department responsible at the institution of a host. The teaching load must be lower than that for full-time faculty to enable them to maintain their momentum in research. The current teaching load is set at one semester per course.

A. Participation in the Host Institute: More broadly, IPFP Fellows are expected to be active contributors to the academic objectives of the institution across all three traditional domains, i.e., teaching research, teaching, and service to the institution. In addition, they are expected to contribute meaningfully to the academic activities of the institution they work for by participating in seminars, conferences, or workshops.

B. Research: IPFP Fellows are expected to conduct research and submit their research work to be published in academic journals or as occasional monographs, articles, book chapters, and books in a manner that is in line with the future requirements for tenure.

C. The Research Document: IPFP Fellows are expected to keep a research journal (e.g., a laboratory notebook or other similar research documents) that remains the property of the host institution following the end period of their Fellowship. The logs should be proof of the standards for research at the hosting institution, which includes, e.g., standards regarding research ethics (especially when it comes to living or human subjects) as well as the use of potentially hazardous substances (e.g., isotopes or isotopes) chemical compounds, infectious agents) and the using published or unpublished materials.

D. Professional Conduct: IPFP Fellows must adhere to the most stringent standard of academic behavior, which includes ethical conduct in research teaching, public behavior, and exhibit collegial conduct toward others, which includes colleagues from their department and faculty members as well as researchers, students, researchers, or any others in the academic world and abide by the policies of their university and applicable conditions of sponsorship agreements.

HEC Interim Placement Program 2023 Advertisement

The advertisement was published in the major newspapers on December 16, 2023. IPFP Application Portal is open today. Please go here to apply: https://eportal.hec.gov.pk/hec-portal-web/auth/login.jsf.

Pre-Assessment Test 2023 for IPFP Program

Following the revised IPFP policy, all applicants eligible for the program must pass the pre-assessment requirement before their merit-based selection to train under NFDP and later appointment. NFDP is an in-service professional education program based on international professional standard frameworks. Therefore it is a program that is strictly based on merit.

Based on the initial examination, the IPFP Pre-Assessment test will be scheduled for short-listed candidates on February 19, 2023. Everyone applying should use their time efficiently in preparation for the pre-assessment test.

In the process of ongoing reviewing, monitoring, and evaluating NFDP the program, it was decided that a pre-assessment test would be required to verify the credibility and quality of this program. These are test times, and we’re trying to assist candidates and keep them updated, but it can be challenging to reply to hundreds of emails daily. For up-to-date information regarding the IPFP exam, check this page. The information related to the test will be posted on the page before the test date for the convenience of all applicants and people who are not in public.

Syllabus for Test

Topics for Pre-Assessment of IPFP-2023
Sr. No. Core Areas Division
Section I
1- Teaching Effectiveness
2- Syllabus Design
3- Student Assessment
4- Technology in Education
5- Research Management
6- Grant Writing
7- Mentoring
8- Leadership Skills
9- Academic Integrity
10- General
Section II
11- Reading
12- Essay Questions

Revised IPFP Policy 2021.pdf

Vacant Positions: Interim Placement Of Fresh PhDs IPFP


How to apply for interim HEC?

Candidates who are interested in applying must apply on the HEC E-portal. i.e., https://eportal.hec.gov.pk/ipfp

What does IPFP stand for?

Interim Placement of Fresh PhDs (IPFP)

How much does it cost to apply for the interim?

There will be a cost of Kshs 500.

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