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Government Servants BPS Pay Scales Salaries in Pakistan

Government Servants BPS Pay Scales complete chart is provided here. All the desiring people who are seeking for detail information about Government Salary process and incliments tax incentives etc are at right place. Here we provide basic pay scale wise salaries in Pakistan. Each year government of Pakistan increases pay of all government employee in every departments. Govt of Pakistan Basic Pay Scale Chart 2022 is provided here online for the newly joined applicants or those who are interested to apply for the government jobs.

BPS Pay Scales Salaries in Pakistan

In this page here we are discuss the Government Servants BPS Pay Scales Salaries in Pakistan for the budget of 2022. Here you can see the complete detail of the BPS pay scale for all the government grades. BPS is widely used pay scale system in Pakistan. Most of the Government departments and organization follow BPS system. Army and SPS scales are examples of other pay systems in Pakistan while private organization & industries are free to make their own pay structures while Government fixes a minimum salary of any private employee.

Scales wise Salary in Pakistan 2022

The entire special pays, special allowances or the allowances admissible as percentage of pay including House Rent, Transport allowances, and Medical allowance may be increased in the upcoming budget. In the first week of June New Budget 2022 expected. Basic Pay Scale is regularly revised after every few years. Previously these were revised in 2008 and now after three years these are once again revised in 2011 keeping in view the inflation rate in Pakistan.

Government Servants BPS Pay Scales Salaries in Pakistan

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Salary by Basic Pay Scale in Pakistan 2022

Government employees work on the federal, local and state levels according to their grades that are assigning from the government. The permanent employees are sub-divided in further grades on the basis of their skills, qualifications and qualities. Here we have provided the complete information of the Basic Pay scale of Government Servants. Stay in touch with us and keep visiting our site for further updates. See below the complete detail.

BPS Wise Salary in Pakistan 2022

Grades/BPS, 1 to 4:

This is for the Field Workers and for the Labourers

Grades/BPS, 5 to 10:

This grade is for the Field Work Supervisors, SNCOs/NCOs, and Lower Grade Officers

Grades/BPS, 11 to 15:

Grades for the Field Supervisor, Junior Officers and Non-Gazetted Officers

Grades/BPS, 16 to 22:

This includes the GM (General Managers), Gazetted Officers, AD (Assistant Director), DD (Deputy Director), Commissioned Army/PAF/Navy Officers, and also the Commissioned Officers of Armed Forces (JCOs).

Government Servants BPS Pay Scales

  • BPS-01 – Rs. 21120/-
  • BPS-02 – Rs. 21475/-
  • BPS-03 – Rs. 22066/-
  • BPS-04 – Rs. 22635/-
  • BPS-05 – Rs. 23475/-
  • BPS-06 – Rs. 24161/-
  • BPS-07 – Rs. 24872/-
  • BPS-08 – Rs. 25637/-
  • BPS-09 – Rs. 26418/-
  • BPS-10 – Rs. 27184/-
  • BPS-11 – Rs. 28926/-
  • BPS-12 – Rs. 30388/-
  • BPS-13 – Rs. 32213/-
  • BPS-14 – Rs. 33996/-
  • BPS-15 – Rs. 35829/-
  • BPS-16 – Rs. 43381/-
  • BPS-17 – Rs. 64634/-
  • BPS-18 – Rs. 80685/-
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