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AIOU Islamabad Date Sheet 2022 Spring Semester Postgraduate Programs

AIOU Islamabad spring semester date sheet 2022 exams papers schedule dates updated here for all postgraduate degree programs. So, just stay in touch for further updates on AIOU Islamabad Date Sheet 2022. The Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU), Islamabad has released the complete AIOU Date Sheet 2022 for the final exams of postgraduate for Spring Semester 2022 and all of our visitors can download their AIOU Spring Semester Date Sheet 2022 online through this page. The date sheet has been announced by the official authority and all the exams will be conducted exactly according to it.

Allama Iqbal Open University AIOU 

The Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU), Islamabad was established in 1974 as the first ever open university of Asia and now it has become one of the largest institutes of higher learning in the world in terms of annual enrollment of students. AIOU offers admission in undergraduate, postgraduate, and Ph.D. programs in various academic disciplines at the moment. Now aiou date sheet 2022 is announced officially by controller examinations office of AIOU. The date sheet is released for the following programs.

Postgrdaute Diplomas (PGD)

  • M.Com
  • MBA
  • MA
  • MSc
  • M.Ed
  • MLIS
  • MBA

Start of Exams of Postgraduate Programs AIOU Spring Semester from: 9th November 2022.

AIOU Final Exams Date of  MA.MSc/M.Com

Due to  current situation of heavy rains and flood in major part of country , the date sheet of AIOU Ma, msc, m.com part 1 and part 2 is rescheduled again and date extended in this context. So the exams will take place on 9th November 2022 instead of 1st September 2022. The final exams of postgraduate in AIOU Islamabad Campus of the spring semester for the session of 2022 are going to be held on 9th Novembre 2022.

The students can download date sheet online from here.

AIOU Islamabad Date Sheet 2022 Spring Semester Postgraduate Programs

AIOU Islamabad Date Sheet 2022


AIOU Date Sheet 2022

Every year, the Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) conducts the SSC, HSSC, MA,  final exams under its supervision in a fair and transparent way. For this purpose, the university completes the registration process till the mid of the year and then issues roll no slips to all the registered candidates almost one month before the start of exams so that if there is a mistake in the roll no slip of any student or he hasn’t received it, the candidates should have enough time to get a new copy of it. AIOU Islamabad Spring Semester Date Sheet 2022 has been completely revealed.

Although the Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU), Islamabad hasn’t announced the date sheet for Matric, FA, BA, and BS spring semester exams 2022 but it is expected to do so very soon. It is strongly recommended to all of our visitors that they keep visiting us on regular basis as the complete AIOU spring semester date sheet 2022 will be available here immediately after its declaration by official authority and all of our visitors will be able to download it online with ease and convenience.

AIOU Date Sheet 2022 MA/MSc/M.Com

Allama Iqbal Open University recently announced the AIOU date sheet 2022 for the examination of ma, msc, m.com on the official website www.aiou.edu.pk. The AIOU tentative date sheet 2022 programs is currently available and will be released within one week.

MA Education and M.Ed Date Sheet Spring Semester 2022

Date Day  MA Education/M.Ed Codes
09-Nov-2022 Wednesday 846-6509-6516
10-Nov-2022 Thursday 826-6502-1628
11-Nov-2022 Friday 622-829-3604
12-Nov-2022 Saturday 838
14-Nov-2022 Monday 696-3603-6515
15-Nov-2022 Tuesday 835-854-6505
16-Nov-2022 Wednesday 841-6573
17-Nov-2022 Thursday 831-6501-1624
18-Nov-2022 Friday 625-842-6500
19-Nov-2022 Saturday 627-845
21-Nov-2022 Monday 623-3606-6574
22-Nov-2022 Tuesday 832-6552
23-Nov-2022 Wednesday 695-6554
24-Nov-2022 Thursday 683-837
25-Nov-2022 Friday 843-1627-6506
26-Nov-2022 Saturday 678 -834-6507
28-Nov-2022 Monday 629
29-Nov-2022 Tuesday 681
30-Nov-2022 Wednesday 855
01-Dec-2022 Thursday 6555
02-Dec-2022 Friday 3608
03-Dec-2022 Saturday 840-3602-6511-1625
05-Dec-2022 Monday 1629
06-Dec-2022 Tuesday 626-3601-851-6508
07-Dec-2022 Wednesday 828-844-1626
08-Dec-2022 Thursday 827-850-852
09-Dec-2022 Friday 677-833-853-6553
10-Dec-2022 Saturday 847-6503

MA/M.Ed Special Education Date Sheet Spring Semester 2022

Date Day  MA /M.Ed Special Edu Codes
09-Nov-2022 Wednesday 846-6562
10-Nov-2022 Thursday 826-3609
11-Nov-2022 Friday 622-829-3604
12-Nov-2022 Saturday 838
14-Nov-2022 Monday 696-3603
15-Nov-2022 Tuesday 835-854-3607-6505
16-Nov-2022 Wednesday 841-6573
17-Nov-2022 Thursday 831
18-Nov-2022 Friday 625-842-3612
19-Nov-2022 Saturday 627-698-3614
21-Nov-2022 Monday 623-3606
22-Nov-2022 Tuesday 680-6552
23-Nov-2022 Wednesday 695-3605
24-Nov-2022 Thursday 683-837
25-Nov-2022 Friday 843-1627-6506
26-Nov-2022 Saturday 678-834-6507
28-Nov-2022 Monday 629-673-697
29-Nov-2022 Tuesday 681
30-Nov-2022 Wednesday 855-3611
01-Dec-2022 Thursday 682
02-Dec-2022 Friday 3608
03-Dec-2022 Saturday 840-3602-3610
05-Dec-2022 Monday 671-3600
06-Dec-2022 Tuesday 626-851-3601
07-Dec-2022 Wednesday 828
08-Dec-2022 Thursday 827-852
09-Dec-2022 Friday 677-0833-6553-853
10-Dec-2022 Saturday 672-3613

MA Urdu Date Sheet Spring Semester 2022 

Date Day  MA URDU Codes
09-Nov-2022 Wednesday 5620
10-Nov-2022 Thursday 5606
11-Nov-2022 Friday 5613
12-Nov-2022 Saturday 838
14-Nov-2022 Monday 5601-5617
15-Nov-2022 Tuesday 6505
16-Nov-2022 Wednesday 5612
17-Nov-2022 Thursday 831
18-Nov-2022 Friday 5615
19-Nov-2022 Saturday 5610
21-Nov-2022 Monday 5605
22-Nov-2022 Tuesday 5603
23-Nov-2022 Wednesday 5609
24-Nov-2022 Thursday 837
25-Nov-2022 Friday 5622
26-Nov-2022 Saturday 5621-6507
28-Nov-2022 Monday 5623
29-Nov-2022 Tuesday 5624
30-Nov-2022 Wednesday 5604
01-Dec-2022 Thursday 5611
02-Dec-2022 Friday 5607
03-Dec-2022 Saturday 840
05-Dec-2022 Monday 5614
06-Dec-2022 Tuesday 5602
07-Dec-2022 Wednesday 5616
08-Dec-2022 Thursday 5608
09-Dec-2022 Friday 5618
10-Dec-2022 Saturday 5619

MA Islamiyat Date Sheet Spring Semester 2022 

Date Day  MA Islamiyat Codes
09-Nov-2022 Wednesday 2624-4618-4635
10-Nov-2022 Thursday 2625-4603
11-Nov-2022 Friday 2621-4594-4637
12-Nov-2022 Saturday 2622-4620
14-Nov-2022 Monday 4612-4623-4636
15-Nov-2022 Tuesday 2626-4591
16-Nov-2022 Wednesday 4596-4615
17-Nov-2022 Thursday 4601
18-Nov-2022 Friday 4631
19-Nov-2022 Saturday 4640
21-Nov-2022 Monday 4605-4626
22-Nov-2022 Tuesday 4546-4611-4630
23-Nov-2022 Wednesday 2629-4616-4628
24-Nov-2022 Thursday 2627-4614-4629
25-Nov-2022 Friday 2630-4619-4627
26-Nov-2022 Saturday 4617-4625-4633
28-Nov-2022 Monday 2631-4576-4593
29-Nov-2022 Tuesday 4607-4621
30-Nov-2022 Wednesday 4622-4624
01-Dec-2022 Thursday
02-Dec-2022 Friday
03-Dec-2022 Saturday 4632
05-Dec-2022 Monday 2632-4604
06-Dec-2022 Tuesday 4602-4610
07-Dec-2022 Wednesday 4639
08-Dec-2022 Thursday 4613
09-Dec-2022 Friday 4592-4606-4608
10-Dec-2022 Saturday 2628-4638

www.aiou.edu.pk Date Sheet

Allama Iqbal Open University AIOU Date Sheet of 9th, 10th (Matric), 11th, 12th (Intermediate), B.A/B.Sc., B.Ed. (1 1 Year Program as well as 1.5 Year Course), M.Ed., B.SC Masters, Diploma, M.Phil., Ph.D. The programs are listed on this page. All students can download and check The Allama Iqbal open university date sheet available at www.aiou.edu.pk date sheet portal.

AIOU Date Sheet 2022 by Roll Number

Alama Iqbal Open University has recently released the AIOU dates for 2022’s exam on its web page www.aiou.edu.pk. The AIOU draft date sheet to be used for is out and expected to be ready within the next week. Allama Iqbal Open University Matric Date Sheet 2022 is scheduled to be released to students enrolling online. The latest exam will begin in November. Anyone can get an aiou date sheet 2022 by roll number from AIOU’s official site at www.aiou.edu.pk.

Latest Update about AIOU Exams Schedule

AIOU will conduct exams for the spring semester 2022 on 9th November 2022. So the date sheet has been uploaded to AIOU’s official Website www.aiou.edu.pk by controller examination. All the students are directed to download their date sheet from the CMS portal by login their username and password. They must have taken prints of the date sheet.

Preparation and Syllabus for AIOU Exam

Many students are in this AIOU MA program. They should be ready to take the examinations for the AIOU MA part 1 & 2 annual examinations. Students must revise and update their syllabus to achieve good exam marks. AIOU provides MA/MSc Part I and II exams in the morning and late at night. Allama Iqbal Open University holds additional exams for students with supply rights. Additionally, both boys’ and girls’ students are required to download the AIOU dates in PDF format. It is essential to adhere to the timings of the AIOU Schedule.

How To Check AIOU DateSheet?

  • DateSheet can be downloaded on the internet using the above link following this process.
  • Click the download button.
  • Choose your preferred program (e.g./M.Phil./Ph.D. program) to submit.
  • Enter the AIOU roll number (e.g. L572535) and then click submit.
  • Your DateSheetp will appear visible on your screen.

AIOU Date Sheet 2022 Spring

Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) has announced the dates foraiou date sheet 2022 spring. AIOU Spring Semester 2022 exams will take place during Novemberr 2022. Allama Iqbal Open University AIOU Islamabad has declared that the exams in the Spring Semester 2022 will begin on November 09, 2022. The exam schedule will be announced on the AIOU their official website. According to the Controller Exams AIOUS, all necessary arrangements for conducting the exam in a conducive setting have been made. Candidates can access their roll slips and date sheets from the AIOU website.


Is Aiou a private or government?

Allama Iqbal Open University is a public university located in Islamabad, Pakistan.

How many semesters are there in MA in Aiou?

The University (AIOU) operates on semester-based admissions, and students are admitted in the spring and autumn semesters.

Is AIOU is a good university?

AIOU is the most prestigious university in Asia, which offers high-quality education on your doorstep. The degree is recognized in every country and provides a high value to its graduates in all areas of life.

Contact Details of AIOU

  • Address: Directorate of students advisory and counseling service, Gateway block, ground floor, Allama Iqbal Open University Sector H-8, Islamabad-44000.
  • Phone: 051-111-112-468
  • Website: www.aiou.edu.pk
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