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Career and Scope of Physiotherapy in Pakistan

Although Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree has been introduced recently in Pakistan but still within this short span of time, it has become one of the most growing fields in the country and number of students attracted towards it is rising with each passing day. The field of physiotherapy concerned with the treatment of people affected by some injury, disability or illness through various ways like manual therapy, exercise and education. A physiotherapist helps people of all ages in staying healthy, recovering from injury and preventing diseases.

One of the best things about the field of physiotherapy is that not only the income level is pretty high but also the competition level is quite low as compared to other field like MBA or Engineering which ultimately leads to more employment opportunities. Another good thing about choosing physiotherapy as a career is that it has a tremendous scope not only in Pakistan but also in various developed countries like Canada, Australia and United Kingdom. So all the individuals who want to get settled in abroad can complete their education in Pakistan and than travel abroad in order to increase their chances of finding a good job.

Career and Scope of Physiotherapy in Pakistan

Scope and Career of Physiotherapy in Pakistan

As we all know that success is never achieved without making a consistent effort so the same is the case in this field. Once you have completed your physiotherapy degree, the first 2 to 3 years of your career are gonna be tough ones but if you are good enough to survive them, you will receive tons of great opportunities in your further professional career.

If you are thinking about the kind of employment opportunities available for you after completing your education than don’t get worried as the physiotherapy field is quite flexible and offers various employment options. So once you have completed your degree and have a few years of experience, you can go on to become:

  • Physiotherapy lecturer in a university
  • Physiotherapist to any sports team
  • Run your own Private Clinic
  • Physiotherapy services manager

So don’t just get stuck to these options as plenty of more opportunities are available out there. You just have to find one depending on your area of interest.

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  2. Im from sialkot and I want to do DPT ….
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  3. What are some of the good universities with a strong DPT program in Pakistan?

  4. can we a doctor in any hospital agter doing DPT?? plzz give me ans

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