Online Jobs For Intermediate FA FSc ICS I-Com Level Students in Pakistan

Online Jobs For Intermediate FA FSc ICS I-Com,If you are a student of intermediate class and you cannot afford your expanses or want to help your family members then you can do online job to earn money. In this way you can earn money by doing part-time job online. In our country Pakistan unemployment rate is higher and more people want to do part time jobs so online job is one of the options for them. People have usually less knowledge about online jobs so in search of different online jobs they give up because they are unable to find online job. Here I would tell you about different ways to earn money online.

When you start online jobs or business from your home or office and also with your studies its really easy and profitable .You can start its on maximum level after completion of studies just from one PC and from your home. It is sometime not easy to manage online job with your studies but there is competition everywhere so fittest survive.

In online job you don’t need any huge investment and skills required for this kind of jobs .With just one PC and Internet Connection you can start it from your home and with proper working just 3 to 5 hours you earn much money to run your all expense and all other family expense too.

Online Jobs For Intermediate FA FSc ICS I-Com Level Students in Pakistan

Online Jobs For Intermediate FA FSc ICS I-Com Level Students in Pakistan

Online Jobs For Intermediate FA FSc ICS I-Com

You should have good language skills if you want to earn money online. Here check out different online jobs options for Intermediate FA FSc ICS I-Com Level Students in Pakistan.

Article writing job:

Students having good English and sense of researching can opt a field to write article writing. Article writing jobs are mostly found on internet.  Before a person find article writing jobs make sure that you have at least enough confident that you can write an article. And you don’t face any language barrier. Not only internet but also many magazines too offer such jobs.

Data entry jobs:

This is a very hectic job as data entry jobs in Pakistan are actually the capatcha entry jobs. These are widely found jobs but a catch is that they are not well paying and too much time consuming. But yes students having awesome and accurate fast typing speed can go for this job.  One thing should be kept in mind that what so ever you writing speed is while doing this job you can only perform with half of it.

Freelance Jobs:

There are many websites online from where you can earn money online. For this kind of job you have to register on the website i.e. and give information about your skills. Complete free registration and start bidding on the projects related to your skills and experience. It depends on your skills. I think forum posting, data entry and article writing jobs are easy. Beware of work from home scam. There are many fraud online job sites on the internet.

Websites that ask for upfront fees or investment are scams. Competition is everywhere. Only fittest survive. After signing in, if you have found your desirable work just bid on the project by clicking bid on this project button. You can also send private message to buyer. If buyer is interested in hiring you, he will contact you through private message.  One of the best payment options in Pakistan is (Local Pakistani Bank account required to withdraw money from Freelancer also sends latest jobs to your email address.

Teach Online:

If you think that you can teach well through internet then you can teach online. There are websites like in which different projects are given for example some students want online tutors. You can be the one for that you need to have internet connection and webcam so that you can easily teach your student according to your subject. Plus you can make your facebook page or YouTube account where you can upload your recorded videos for the benefit of your students. In this way you get payment.

Do self business online (Turn your skills into cash):

If you love cooking and make delicious foods at home then it can be a source of generating income for you. You can get orders via your website, blog, e-mail address or simply by calling. If you cannot make your website/blog then you can create your facebook account and convey your message to others.

You need to work hard for some time then you can start getting orders from different people residing in your own locality. You should mention your specialty for example if you know baking then start selling delicious cakes. This is the way to make money by cooking with the help of internet.

These are one of the easiest online jobs that intermediate students can do. I hope you would start considering these jobs and make use of your skills.

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  1. Im fsc 53% marks and im doing bachelors in electronics from university of lahore im now in 6th smster i need online job so i can help my family because i have lots of load on my shoulders kindly help me out thank you

  2. Assalam o alaikum…. My name is Aleena i ‘ve done fsc and now I’m studying Bs in Mass.Com, I need a job

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