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Highest Paying Careers for College Graduates

Graduation degree is very important for all those students who wants to earn after completion of the study because earning after graduate degree is a great investment so it is important that choose your programs wisely otherwise you will be fail to learn.

Some degrees pays you a lot while others do not increase your income.Subjects are very important in the educational carriers.

Students can adopt many fields for earning some, highest paying careers for college graduates are below with details.

Top of lists highest paying careers for college graduates:

  1. Petroleum Engineering

         ( $107,300 to $186,300)

Petroleum engineers locates natural reservoirs of petroleum.They work with specialists to develop more active ,cost efferent methods of petroleum.Basically there are three types of petroleum engineers who conflict only by the step of the drilling process they are elaborate in.

  1. Nuclear Engineering

        ($86000 to $78000)

Nuclear engineers analysis and develop the action, apparatus and systems that can be used to acquire assistance from nuclear energy. Many engineers are working in medical and industrial departments and they are earning handsome amount of money.

  1. Chemical Engineer

         ($81000 to $77000)

Chemical engineers designed and developed the process of the processes for the production of a differing range of products.Now modern chemical engineering is also concerned with valuable new materials and techniques.Highest Paying Careers for College Graduates

  1. Computer Science Engineer

         ($71000 to 65000)

Computer science engineers are also famous as a software engineers that are responsible to develop the software’s and testing the software’s. Computer science engineers also create the games,applications and other useful programs.

  1. Electrical Engineer

         ($60,000 to 57000)

Electrical engineers are responsible to carry out electrical components into the number of devices.They also design and developed the electrical structure.Electrical engineering work is a team work so many electrical engineers works in shape of groups.

  1. Mechanical Engineer

         ($55000 to 45000)

Mechanical engineers are responsible to solve the problems of production departments.Mechanical engineers works on all steps of the production department.Most mechanical engineers are working in different industries and they are earning good income.

  1. Industrial Engineer

         ($50000 to 40000)

Industrial engineers are responsible to maintain peoples,machines and energy to make products.Basically industries appoints the industrial engineers to increase the production and resolving the issues in productions.

  1. Civil Engineer

        ($45000 to 39000)

Civil engineers are responsible to create, improve the construction structure.Civil engineers are also called the constructing engineers who locates the projects.Most civil engineers are working in different industries.Civil engineering work is also a team work that is why civil engineers works in different groups.

  1. (Aviation Management)

($42000 to $30000)

Aviation manager handles all activities of the aviation department.Aviation manager is also the responsible for recruitment of staff, providing equal employment responsibilities. Aviation manager coordinates with all aviation staff.

  1. Accountant

      ($35000 to $29000)

This is vast field but generally most students are doing accountant jobs after the completion of graduation.Accountant is responsible to handle financial reports, revenues and access accuracy.Accountant also calculate the taxes payments.

Some other useful careers for college graduates are below:-

  • Hotel Management
  • Nursing
  • Communication Specialist
  • Food Scientist
  • Political Scientist
  • Linguist
  • Fashion Designer
  • Project Manager
  • Biologist
  • Health and Safety adviser
  • Philosopher
  • Business
  • Designer
  • Geologist
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