My Aim in life to Become a Engineer

When asked about their aim in life, most people will start thinking about how to respond to this question and still won’t be able to provide a satisfactory answer because it is not something that can be decided within a few minutes or even hours. This is not something which just comes in your mind and you say “Ok, Let’s do this”. Your whole life depends on the choice you make so you have to do an in-depth search and consider tons of factors while making a final decision.

Different people set different aims in life like some want to earn money, some want to be famous, some want to power while some just want to spend their life’s working for humanitarian causes etc. While growing up, most children set a goal about the profession they want to join in future. The decision is often influenced by their personal choice and the suggestions by the family members, friends and teacher etc.

Just like many of those children, I have also set an aim which is to become an Engineer in future. I have made this decision after realizing my personal interest in this field and have discussed about it with my elders who have also supported this choice. Apart from being a respectable and high earning field, Engineering also provides plenty of options to me in future as I can go for any of its sub-fields like Civil Engineering, Software Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Electrical Engineering etc. after analyzing the scope and my personal interest in that respective area of study.

The Aim of My Life

My Aim in life to Become a Engineer

The scope of Engineering fields is very bright worldwide so I can work in my own country or even travel abroad to gain new experiences and take my professional career to new heights of success. As compared to many other people, who are aimless and haven’t realized yet that what they want to achieve in life, I have already gone one step ahead of them by making setting the aim of becoming a Engineer.

Now that I have a clear goal in my sight, I know what I have to do in order to achieve it which is why every human must know about the purpose of his life. Think like a traveler, who cannot reach anywhere unless he first identifies a destination where he wants to be. So start analyzing your capabilities and also ask experienced people for suggestion in order to set an aim because without it you won’t be able to achieve anything in your life.

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  1. I love your blog post about your aim in life to be an engineer. I also love your response to the question “What’s your aim in life?” It’s a very unique and interesting response. I also love that you mention that you set an aim and then wrote about how you want to be an engineer in the future. I’ve always loved engineering and I’m glad that your blog post is encouraging me to go into engineering as well. Photo Editor Service

  2. Yes engineers are great but where I am from engineers are not that good. Almost all of us had engineering degrees and there was no jobs. I had to shif countries to make myself a living. It was really a horrible time.

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