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Kohat University KUST Admission 2019 NAT GAT Schedule

Kohat University of Science & Technology holds examinations, grants degrees, imparts knowledge and confers diverse academic distinctions on persons who pursue approved courses of study at the University or the constituent colleges/institutions approved for the purpose and also for those who appear as external/private candidates. The University also admits, maintains, recognizes, and affiliates colleges and other sister institutions. It is primarily a research, teaching, affiliating, and examining body involved in promotion of not only science and technology but other branches of learning as well.

The University is open to all classes and creeds with the sole objective to carry people from darkness to light. Kohat the southern city of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, is only an hour’s drive from Peshawar and couple of hours drive from country’s capital Islamabad.Complete detail with respect to Kohat University KUST Admission 2019 and the candidates who want to appear in the relevant NTS test are instructed to observe the following as NTS Test(NAT/GAT-General/GAT Subject) schedule as under.

Programs Offered:-

  • NAT-IE (Pre Engineering)

Experience required: none

Education: Having 12 years/equal Education in Pre-Engineering Group

  • NAT-IM (Pre Medical)

Education: Having 12 years/equal Education in Pre-Medical Group.

  • NAT-IA (Arts / Humanities)

Education: Having 12 years/equal Education in Arts Group

  • NAT-ICS (Computer Science)

Education: Having 12 years/equal Education in Computer Science

  • NAT-IGS (General Science)

Education:Having 12 years/equal Education in General Science

  • NAT-ICOM (Commerce)

Education: Having 12 years/equal Education in Commerce

  • NAT-IIA (Arts & Social Science)

Education:Having 14 years/equal Education in Art & Humanities Group

  • NAT-IIM (Management Science)

Education: Bachelor 14 Year Degree

  • NAT-IIO (Oriental & Islamic Studies)

Education: Having 14 years/equal Education in Oriental & Islamic Studies Group

  • NAT-IIB (Biological Science)

Education: Having 14 years/equal Education in Biological Sciences Group

  • NAT-IIP (Physical Science)

Education:Having 14 years/equal Education in Physical Sciences Group

  • GAT A- Management Sciences

Education: MBA 1.5 Year

  • GAT B- Economics

Education: Masters 16 Year Economics

  • GAT B- Education

Education: Masters in Education

  • GAT B- Public Administration

Education:  Master in Public Administration

  • GAT C- Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering

Education: Masters 16 Year in Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering

  • GAT C- Botany

Education: Masters 16 Year in Botany

  • GAT C- Chemistry

Education: Masters 16 Year in  Chemistry

  • GAT C- Microbiology

Education: Masters 16 Year in Microbiology

  • GAT C- Computer Science

Education: Masters 16 Year in Computer Science

  • GAT C- Mathematics

Education: Masters 16 Year in Mathematics

  • GAT C- Zoology

Education: Masters 16 Year Zology

  • GAT Subject- Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering

Education: MS/Mphil Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering

  • GAT Subject- Botany

Education: MS/Mphil Botany

  • GAT Subject- Chemistry

Education: MS/Mphil Chemistry

  • GAT Subject- Microbiology

Education: MS/Mphil Microbiology

  • GAT Subject- Physics

Education: MS/Mphil Physics

  • GAT Subject- Computer Science

Education: MS/Mphil Computer Science

  • GAT Subject- Mathematics

Eduaction: MS/Mphil Mathematics

  • GAT Subject- Management Science

Education: MS/Mphil  Management Science

  • GAT Subject- Education

Education: MS/Mphil Education

  • GAT Subject- Zoology

Education: MS/Mphil  Zoology

Kohat University KUST Admission 2019 NAT GAT For BS MS PhD NTS Schedule

KUST admission 2018
How to Apply?

The desirous candidates are advised to register theme-selves for the concerned NTS test Online.
After filling the online-form with NTS print teh fee slip deposit the dues on deposit slip and send the original fee slip on NTS, Plot#96, Street#4, H-8/1, Islamabad.

The detail given on fee deposit slip must also be up dated on NTS online registration form as well after depositing fee in the bank.

Roll number slips can be downloaded directly from NTS website since no roll no slip will be issued at mailing address.

Last Date For Application Submission: Monday, 27th August, 2019

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