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UET ECAT Entry Test 2021 Dates Schedule and Time Limit

University of Engineering and Technologies is one of the most prestigious universities in Pakistan. Students try to get in this university as it is one of the top universities whose students are considered to be the most learned. The university takes ECAT exams once a year and every year limited seats are offered which are to be occupied by the best students applying. The students are required to pass through the hurdle of exam only because it is the only way for the experts to understand about aptitude of the student as well as his capabilities. Aspirants and  students having keenly interest to get admissions in UET lahore are advised to see carefully the given schedule as under.

UET Entry test schedule:

  • Application Invitations: 12th April 2021
  • Application Revised: 17th May 2021
  • Entry Test Held: 24th to 27th May 2021
  • Entry Test Result: 31st May 2021

UET ECAT Entry Test 2021 Dates Schedule and Time Limit

UET ECAT Entry Test 2021 Schedule

UET ECAT Entry Test 2021 Dates Schedule and Time Limit

How to prepare ECAT:

UET ECAT Entry Test 2021 Dates have been announced with immediate effect. ECAT examination is to be prepared by all the pre-engineering students. It is easy to prepare only if you have concepts. In ECAT you will be supposed to attempt test comprising of Computer science, English, math, physics and chemistry. All these subjects are completely concept based and it means your concept regarding all the topics studied should be very clear else you will not be able to make it. The subjects included are to be prepared by student making sure that the person is only possible to do them if he/she has been paying attention to it throughout the two years of college timing.

ECAT Test Paper Distribution:

  • Physics: 30%
  • Math: 30%
  • English: 10%
  • Elective Subject: 30%

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Latest Dates Will Be Announced Soon. All the candidates must keep in touch to get further information.

UET BSC Engineering admissions combined test will be organized on 24th to 27th May 2021. All applicants must notified that must prepare your CNIC, Form B, Matric and Inter Class School Certificate (up to date witch pic attached), Domicile, other wise statement of entry is must.

UET BSC Engineering and BSC Engineering Technology admissions will be start from on announce schedule , University admission organizations notice that must prepare for admission in UET with their required documents.

The schedule of entry test is such that university normally conducts it in the month of August every year and this year it will take place in July. The registration process will be completed during the month of June and July while the test will take place in 27th May 2021 and its result will be declared after one week.

If you are planning on to get admission in UET then it is important for students must aware from preparation regarding UET ECAT Entry Test 2021 Dates ahead because it is not a joke to pass the test. It is designed in a way that only vigilant, hardworking and worthy students will be able to get into the university because university needs to maintain its credibility.

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