Top 100 Current Affairs in August 2017

Top Hundred Current Affairs August 2017

Top Hundred Current Affairs August 2017

  1. Bangladesh defeats Australia in the field of Test Cricket Match.
  2. Syria: 64 killed in clashes occurred between Syria and Islamic State Group.
  3. Security Council accepts the proposal against North Korea Missile Policy.
  4. West Indies gets remarkable victory over England in Second Test.
  5. Afghanistan:-31 causalities placed due to Airstrike by Afghan Air Force.
  6. North Korea tests atomic Missile successfully.
  7. Foreign Direct Investment hike up-to $2.4 billion during Current Fiscal Year Investment.
  8. Iraq:- Car Bomb Blast caused of 12 causalities and 26 wounded.
  9. International day against Nuclear Tests is going to observe today.
  10. India:-Sikh Leader Gurmeet Ram Sentenced for 20 years.
  11. Occupied Kashmir:- Eight Soldiers Killed by freedom fighters.
  12. North Korea tests 3 ballistic Missile successfully.
  13. India:- 35 People killed due to strikes and worst law and order situation
  14. Kolumpur: Philippine Boxer John Marveen won Light Heavy Weight Title.
  15. International Scarf Day shall be observe on 4th September.
  16. American Boxer May Weder won the Super and most expensive fight against Con Gregor.
  17. Saudi Arabia:-2 Million Pilgrims reaches to Mecca this year.
  18. Turkey Dismisses over 900 Public Sector Workers.
  19. Cristiano Ronaldo and Liki Martens wins the UEFA player of the year Award.
  20. India Defeats Sirilanka in second ODI by 3 wickets.
  21. Renowned Cricketer Star Du Plessi will lead World Eleven against Pakistan.
  22. Pakistan: Dr. kaleem Imam Appointed as IG National Highways & Motorway Police.
  23. Pakistan: Khurram Humayon appointed as Accountant General Revenue.
  24. Afghanistan:Suicide attack at Police Headquarter caused 10 causalities and 40 wounded.
  25. Pakistan Qualifies for 2018 Hockey world Cup.
  26. Three Pakistani Women Conquer 5,500 meter Kuksil Peak.
  27. Pakistan:Renowned Educationist Adeeb Jadowani Passes away at the age of 75.
  28. US Train Crashes as 45 people died and 35 injured.
  29. Syria: 170 people died due to Air strike of USA.
  30. Israel: Supereme Court issues warrant for arresting of Prime Minister.
  31. Kyrgyzstan Prime Minister Sariyev Resigns after cabinet accused of Corruption.
  32. India: 255 people died in result of devastating Flood in Bihar.
  33. Iran Makes Bilateral Agreement with Russia for Food and Oil supply.
  34. Pakistan Railway Debt Enhances Up to 2 Billion Rupees.
  35. India Defeats Sirilanka in 1st One Day International
  36. Pakistan:- Highest Military award Holder Rashid Minhas Martyred anniversary is going to observe today.
  37. Pakistan Stock Market Crashes and slump in business activity and Four Trillion Rupees Drowned.
  38. Pakistan Installs 126 km long Fence and and Gate at mutual border.
  39. Pakistani Film Sawan gets its place into nomination list for Oscar Award.
  40. Barcelona:- 5 Terrorist killed by police and make the plot for terrorism Unsuccessful as well
  41. Nobel Award Holder Pakistani Malala Yousaf Zai gets admission in Oxford University.
  42. Barcelona:Terrorists Attacked on General Public through Raming VAN over Crowd, resulted 13 people died.
  43. India:600 people died due to swine Flu Disease.
  44. Saudi Arabia Permits Qatri Pilgrims to perform Hajj.
  45. Pakistan:- Ex-President General Zia-ul-Haq 29th death Anniversary is going to observe today.
  46. Highest Flag of South Asia wavering in Pakistan at wahga Border Lahore.
  47. Size of Largest National Flag of Pakistan kept as 400 Feet.
  48. Pakistani Mother Teresa Late Dr.Ruth Pfau died at the age of 87.
  49. Microsoft Bill gates donates 5% of his assets amounting $4.6bn as charity.
  50. Pakistan:-Death Anniversary of Legend Star Nusrat Fateh Ali khan is going to observe today.
  51. Saudi Arabia opens boarder for mutual trade between Kuwait after 27 years.
  52. Samir Iftekhar wins the Pacific North West open tennis Title held in Washington.
  53. Sirilanka defeats India in all three test cricket matches.
  54. Paris:- French Football Club Paris Saint Germane defeats the Guingamp.
  55. Yemen roadside bomb attacked cause of 12 killings.
  56. Pakistan Independence day is going to observe today.
  57. Flood Killed 175 people in India Nepal and Bangladesh.
  58. Iran enhances the defense production despite of US sanctions.
  59. Minorities Day observed in Pakistan yesterday.
  60. World Athletic Championship of 200 Meter Race won by Turkey.
  61. Egypt Train Collision killed 37 people and 70 injured.
  62. Pakistan:-National Tennis Academy inaugurated in Islamabad by the Federal Government.
  63. Pakistan’s Leprosy Fighter Dr. Ruth fau Passes away at the age of 88.
  64. Pakistan won the world Snooker Championship held in Egypt.
  65. Brad Haddin joined the Australian team as Fielding Coach.
  66. Pakistan:-PAF Jet Prolapsed in Mianwali Caused of Pilot Death.
  67. Iran:-Hassan Rohani nominates 2 women as vice President.
  68. Qatar offers Visa-Free Entry to 80 nationalities.
  69. Pakistan:- 3 soldiers and 1 Major Martyred during operation in Upper Dir.
  70. World’s Book Day is going to observe today.
  71. London:-Justin Gatlin beats Usain Bolt in Final 100m race.
  72. Pakistan Continues as Number 6 in test ranking by ICC.
  73. England defeats South Africa in test series.
  74. World’s Cats Day is going to observe today.
  75. North Korea Denounces the UN Sanctions.
  76. Vietnam: 26 killed due to landslides and Floods.
  77. Iran signs ever biggest car deal with France’s Renault.
  78. State Bank of Pakistan Issues License to Bank of China.
  79. Saudi Arabia launches Luxury Red Sea Beach Resort.
  80. South Korea also agree to put sanctions on North Korea.
  81. World Six Red Ball Snooker:-Pakistani Player Babar Maseeh reaches into Semi-Final.
  82. USA:- Bomb Attack at mosque in Manifesta state.
  83. Iran:- 2 rebels killed in border Clash.
  84. International Boxer Amir khan gives divorce to his spouse Faryal Makhdoom.
  85. OSLO:-Pakistani Female Football team gets 1st success in Norway Cup.
  86. Pakistan:- Khawaja Asif becomes Foreign Minister while Ahsan Iqbal takes the Federal interior Portfolio.
  87. Iran:- President Hassan Rouhani starts his second term.
  88. Pakistani Batsman secures 6th position in ICC player ranking.
  89. Pakistan:- Mountaineer Uzma Yousaf becomes first lady by touching the spantik Peak.
  90. US veils Ban travel to North Korea.
  91. Qatar announces $5.9 Billion for warship from Italy.
  92. Shahid Khaqan Abbasi appointed as newly elected Prime Minister of Pakistan.
  93. China opens first overseas base in Africa.
  94. A-Triangular Cricket Series:- India defeats Afghanistan by 113 runs.
  95. South Africa Defeated England Consecutively in 3rd Cricket Test Match.
  96. Second Moon Eclipse shall be observed on 7th August,2017
  97. Pakistan open tennis championship won by Aqeel khan and Oshna Sohail.
  98. India beats Sirilanka in 1st cricket test match by 304 score respectively.
  99. India:-21 people killed in result of lightning and thunderstorm.
  100. Qatar accuses Saudi Arab for hampering its Haj Pilgrims.
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