Today In History November

Today In History

30 November

306 : St Marcellus I begins his reign as Catholic Pope.

1215: Pope Innocent III closes 4th council of Lateranen.

1406: Angelo Correr elected Pope Gregory XII.

1886: The Folies Bergère stages its first revue.

1916: Costa Rica signs the Buenos Aires Convention, a copyright treaty.

1967: South Yemen becomes independent from the United Kingdom.

29 November

1924: Italian composer Giacomo Puccini dies in Brussels before he could complete his opera Turandot.

1963: President Johnson names a commission headed by Earl Warren to investigate the assassination of President Kennedy.

1986: Actor Cary Grant dies in Davenport, Iowa, at age 82.

1987: North Korean agents plant a bomb on Korean Air Flight 858, which kills all 115 passengers and crew.

2001: Beatle George Harrison dies of cancer.

28 November

1520: Portuguese navigator Ferdinand Magellan begins crossing the Pacific Ocean.

1821: Panama Independence Day: Panama separates from Spain and joins Gran Colombia.

1893: Women vote in a national election for the first time, in the New Zealand general election.

1919: US-born Lady Astor elected first female member of British House of Commons.

1967: 1st radio pulsars detected by British postgraduate Jocelyn Burnell and her supervisor Antony Hewish at Cambridge University.

1999: Eleven people are injured in a sword attack at a church in south London.

27 November

1237: Battle of Cortenuova: Holy Roman Emperor Frederik II defeated the Second Lombardian League.

1382: Battle of Westrozebeke/Roosebeke. French army defeats the Flemish army.

1703: The first Eddystone Lighthouse is destroyed in the Great Storm.

1839: In Boston, Massachusetts, the American Statistical Association is founded.

1901: The U.S. Army War College is established.

1987: South African Airways Flight 295 crashes and kills all 159 on board.

26 November

1805: Official opening of Thomas Telford’s Pontcysyllte Aqueduct.

1812: The Battle of Berezina begins during Napoleon’s retreat from Russia.

1938: Tina Turner (Anna Mae Bullock) is born.

1941: President Franklin D Roosevelt signs a bill that establishes the fourth Thursday in November as Thanksgiving Day.

1998: The Khanna rail disaster takes 212 lives in Khanna, Ludhiana, India.

2011: The Mars Science Laboratory launches to Mars with the Curiosity Rover.

25 November

1487: Elizabeth of York is crowned Queen of England.

1759: An earthquake hits the Mediterranean destroying Beirut and Damascus and killing 30,000-40,000.

1963: President John F. Kennedy is buried in Washington, D.C.

1966: First television link between Australia and the UK.

1986: The King Fahd Causeway is officially opened in the Persian Gulf.

24 November

642 : Theodore I begins his reign as Catholic Pope.

1434: River Thames in London freezes over.

1942: Comedian Billy Connolly is born.

1991: Freddie Mercury dies aged 45 just one day after he publicly announced he was HIV positive.

2012: A fire at a clothing factory in Dhaka, Bangladesh kills at least 112 people.

23 November

1248: Conquest of Seville by Christian troops under King Ferdinand III of Castile.

1644: Areopagitica, a pamphlet by John Milton, decrying censorship, is published.

1910: Johan Alfred Ander becomes the last person to be executed in Sweden.

1955: The Cocos Islands are transferred from the control of the United Kingdom to that of Australia.

1978: Cyclone kills about 1000 people in eastern Sri Lanka.

2005: Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is elected president of Liberia and becomes the first woman to lead an African country.

22 November

498 : St Symmachus begins his reign as Pope replacing Anastasius II.

1346: Street fights in Utrecht, Hollandsgezinde Gunterlingen statements.

1890: French president Charles de Gaulle was born in Lille, France.

1954: The Humane Society of the United States was incorporated as the National Humane Society.

1994: The Sega Saturn is released in Japan.

2005: Angela Merkel becomes the first female Chancellor of Germany.

21 November

1789: North Carolina ratifies the United States Constitution and is admitted as the 12th U.S. state.

1791: Colonel Napoléon Bonaparte is promoted to General and appointed Commander-in-Chief of the Armies of the French Republic.

1832: Wabash College is founded in Crawfordsville, Indiana.

1970: General Hafez al-Assad becomes Prime Minister of Syria following military coup.

2013: 54 people are killed when the roof of a shopping center collapses in Riga, Latvia.

20 November

1168: Giovanni di Struma elected anti-Pope.

1431: First meeting of Order of the Golden Fleece.

1719: Sweden & Hannover sign peace Treaty of Stockhol.

1789: New Jersey becomes the first U.S. state to ratify the Bill of Rights.

1985: Microsoft Windows 1.0 is released.

19 November

461 : St Hilary begins his reign as Catholic Pope

1302: Pope Boniface VIII delegates degree “Unam sanctam”

1367: League of Cologne goes against Danish king Waldemar IV

1816: Warsaw University is established.

1999: Shenzhou 1: The People’s Republic of China launches its first Shenzhou spacecraft.

18 November

794 : Japanese emperor Kammu deallocates residence of Nara to Kioto.

1105: Maginulf elected anti-Pope Silvester I

1307: William Tell reputedly shoots apple off his son’s head

1421: Southern sea floods 72 villages, killing estimated 10,000 in Netherlands

1477: First English dated printed book “Dictes & Sayengis of the Phylosophers” by William Caxton

17th November

1183: The Battle of Mizushima takes place.

1292: John Balliol becomes King of Scotland.

1558: Elizabeth I aged 25 ascends English throne upon death of her half sister Queen “Bloody” Mary.

1947: The Screen Actors Guild implements an anti-Communist loyalty oath.

1970: Douglas Engelbart receives the patent for the first computer mouse.

2000: Alberto Fujimori is removed from office as president of Peru.

16th November

534 : Second and final revision of the Codex Justinianus published.

1380: French King Charles VI declares no taxes for ever.

1852: The English astronomer John Russell Hind discovers the asteroid 22 Kalliope.

1914: The Federal Reserve Bank of the United States officially opens.

1920: First assembly of the League of Nations is held in Geneva, Switzerland.

1992: The Hoxne Hoard is discovered by metal detectorist Eric Lawes in Hoxne, Suffolk.

15th November

1492: Christopher Columbus notes 1st recorded reference to tobacco.

1791: The first U.S. Catholic college, Georgetown University, opens its doors.

1904: King C. Gillette patents the Gillette razor blade.

1948: Mackenzie King retires after 22 years as Prime Minister of Canada.

1933: Thailand has its first election.

2016: Hong Kong High Court bans elected politicians Yau Wai-ching and Baggio Leung from the city’s Parliament.

14th November

1380: King Charles VI of France crowned at age 12.

1918: Czechoslovakia becomes a republic.

1921:  Foundation of the Communist Party of Spain.

1969:  Apollo 12 lifts off on a mission to the moon.

2008: The first G-20 economic summit opens in Washington, D.C.

2012: Israel launches a major military operation in the Gaza Strip, as hostilities with Hamas escalate.

13th November

1887: Bloody Sunday clashes in central London.

1002: English king Ethelred II launches ‘St Brice’s Day’ massacre of Danish settlers.

1553: English Lady Jane Grey and Archbishop Thomas Cranmer accused of high treason.

1864: The new Constitution of Greece is adopted.

1994: In a referendum, voters in Sweden decide to join the European Union.

2012: A total solar eclipse occurred in parts of Australia and the South Pacific.

12th November

764 : Tibetan troops occupy Chang’an, capital of Chinese Tang Dynasty, occupy for fifteen days

1942: Naval Battle of Guadalcanal begins between Allied and Japanese forces in Solomon Islands.

1956: Morocco, Sudan and Tunisia join the United Nations.

1970: Cyclone Bhola makes landfall in East Pakistan killing up to 500,000.

2015: Two suicide bombers detonated explosives in Bourj el-Barajneh, Beirut, killing 43 people and injuring over 200 others.

11th November

1750: Riots break out in Lhasa after the murder of the Tibetan regent.

1926: The United States Numbered Highway System is established.

1962: Kuwait’s National Assembly ratifies the Constitution of Kuwait.

2004: New Zealand Tomb of the Unknown Warrior is dedicated at the National War Memorial, Wellington.

2012: A strong earthquake with the magnitude 6.8 hits northern Burma, killing at least 26 people.

10th November

911 : Conrad I of Germany elected as King of East Francia.

1584: Willem Louis of Nassau appointed viceroy of Friesland.

1919: The first national convention of the American Legion is held in Minneapolis, ending two days later.

1983: Bill Gates introduces Windows 1.0.

2009: Ships of the South and North Korean navies skirmish off Daecheong Island in the Yellow Sea.

9th November

1282: Pope Martinus IV excommunicates king Pedro III of Aragon.

1313: Louis the Bavarian defeats his cousin Frederick I of Austria at the Battle of Gamelsdorf.

1872: The Great Boston Fire of 1872.

1931: China declares War on Japan

1953: Author and poet Dylan Thomas dies

2005: Suicide bombers attack three hotels in Amman, Jordan, killing at least 60 people.

8th November

911 : Duke Koenraad I chosen German king.

1322: Pope John XXII names John van Diest as Bishop of Utrecht.

1494: Uprising against Piero de’ Medici in Florence Italy.

1889: Montana is admitted as the 41st U.S. state.

1960: Senator John F. Kennedy is elected the 35th President of the United States.

2016: Donald Trump is elected 45th President of the United States defeating Hillary Clinton.

7th November

680 : 3rd Council of Constantinople (6th ecumenical council) opens.

921 : Treaty of Bonn: East France & West France recognize each other.

1861: The first Melbourne Cup horse race is held in Melbourne, Australia.

1929: The Museum of Modern Art in New York City opens to the public.

1999: Tiger Woods becomes the first golfer since Ben Hogan in 1953 to win four straight tournaments.

2000: Former First Lady Hillary Clinton makes history when she wins a New York Senate seat.

6th November

1860: Abraham Lincoln elected 16th American President.

1869: Blackfriars Bridge is opened.

1884: The Naval War College of the United States is founded in Rhode Island.

1913: Mohandas Gandhi is arrested while leading a march of Indian miners in South Africa.

1978: Shah of Iran places Iran under military rule; General Gholan Reza Azhari forms government.

2004: An express train collides with a stationary car near the village of Ufton Nervet, England, killing seven and injuring 150.

2007: Jason Lewis completes the first human-powered circumnavigation of the Earth.

5th November

1228: Wu MeKuan, a collection of 48 Zen koans, compiled in China

1414: Council of Constance (16th ecumenical council) opens.

1780: French-American forces under Colonel LaBalme are defeated by Miami Chief Little Turtle.

2007: Android mobile operating system is unveiled by Google.

2007: China’s first lunar satellite, Chang’e 1, goes into orbit around the Moon.

2013: India launches the Mars Orbiter Mission, its first interplanetary probe.

4th November

1520: Danish Norwegian king Christian II crowned King of Sweden.

1619: Frederick V crowned king of Bohemia.

1979: Militant Islamic students in Iran storm the US embassy in Tehran taking 90 people hostage.

2008: Barack Obama wins the US Presidential Election.

2015: A cargo plane crashes shortly after takeoff from Juba International Airport in Juba South Sudan killing 37 people.

3rd November

644: Umar ibn al-Khattab, second Muslim caliph, is killed by a Persian slave in Medina.

1468: Liege is sacked by Charles I of Burgundy’s troops.

1493: Christopher Columbus first sights the island of Dominica in the Caribbean Sea.

1908: William Howard Taft is elected the 27th President of the United States.

1913: American citizens receive information over the new national income tax.

1986: The Federated States of Micronesia gain independence from the United States of America.

2014: One World Trade Center officially opens.

2nd November

1355: English invasion army under King Edward lands at Calais

1722: Willem KH Friso (11) appointed viceroy of Gelderland.

1889: North Dakota and South Dakota are admitted as the 39th and 40th U.S. states.

1903: The Daily Mirror is published for the first time

1983: U.S. President Ronald Reagan signs a bill creating Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

1986: US Hostage, David Jacobsen, is released in Beirut after 17 months in captivity.

1st November

1462: Archduke Albrecht VI van Habsburg occupies Vienna.
1503: Pope Julius II is elected.
1604: William Shakespeare’s tragedy Othello is performed for the first time, at Whitehall Palace in London.
1755: At least 60,000 people are killed in Lisbon, Portugal, by an earthquake, its aftershocks and an ensuing tsunami
1929: Dr. Saleshy, an important figure in England, put in a good word for Prohibition.
1998: European Court of Human Rights becomes a permanent court with full-time judges.
2000: The Republic of Serbia and Montenegro joins the United Nations.
2006: Nelson Mandela is awarded Amnesty International’s award as Ambassador of Conscience 2006.

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