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Tips For CSS PMS Written Examination Preparation

Introduction to CSS and PMS:-

Central Superior Services pronounced as CSS is competitive exam designed for picking up potent aspirants for Apex institutions of Pakistan.It encompass the candidates from all provinces at one Platform for competition. It is the  best equal opportunity provider stage.It is conducted by Federal Public Service Commission every year in a very transparent and systematic way.While PMS is termed as Punjab Provincial Management Services organized at Punjab level only.

Both CSS and PMS are highly Competitive exams and organized in order to get highly competitive and most dynamic candidates for supreme institutions of Pakistan accordingly. This potential consequently prove to be helpful in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the concerned institutions as well. These exams are considered to be the toughest exam in Pakistan.

But we are going to provide Best Leading  tips for CSS and PMS which assures you to secure meritorious grades and to tackle with all difficulties as well. Doing CSS and PMS are not uphill tasks but just need to opt smart work rather than hard work. Its not big deal just try to explore your hidden capabilities.


Leading Hints For Passing CSS and PMS in First Attempt:-

  • The Prime and foremost thing is to  Select the Subjects Consciously and carefully with respect to your mental aptitude as well.
  • Carefully read out the  of recommended  syllabus for exams accordingly.
  • After Selection of optional subjects you just need to arrange 5 years previous papers which will help you and will be best guide for initial preparation.
  • At beginning level you should be moderate in studding. Don’t studies too much just draw you attention on the most important aspects of related subject.
  • Avoid peoples suggestions and move along with your mind aptitude. Don’t be discourage at any stage and inflict put your all efforts accordingly.
  • Your Prime focus should be on English Essay, Precise and to get command on overall English proficiency and competency.
  • Article writing on Daily basis is the best written exercise. Writing skill is much important in exam along with its presentation style as impression leaves longer effect on examiner.
  • One must read English Newspaper and extract Vocabulary from Newspaper on Daily Basis.
  • You must follow the best recommended books for concerned subjects from FPSC and PPSC websites
  • Try to explore your own ideas with logical preview and justification along with authentic domain of knowledge.
  • Focus on your conceptual skills rather than to rely on cramming pattern.
  • Attempt those questions first for which you have Proficient knowledge to expound.
  • You must have win-win attitude at the time of attempting the papers.

Ways to Get Sure Success in CSS and PMS:-


Aims are  achievable only with  planning. Effective Planing  enables you to face challenges and hardships in a smart way. It is true saying that “Without Planing the goal is just like a ship without rudder”. Now it doesn’t matter that how one is hard working or assiduous but the matter is only that how he works through proper planing or choose smart way.Go through syllabus and course outlines of the  concerned subjects you select and plan it judiciously.

Planning for CSS and PMS


Think Positive:-

You must think positive along with win-win attitude as tit for tat. Negative thoughts will  defeat you because these don’t want to see you as a successful man.You will have to dislodge them with strong conviction that I’m working hard and It’s not a big deal for me. and I shall do it. Think in a constructive way instead of Destructive manner.

Positive thinking for CSS and PMS

Panic of Failure:-

Fear is an outrageous attack upon mental abilities.This causes for the destruction of Positive approaches as well. It is one of the most common cause that an individual doesn’t achieve his objective. You should never quite your dream at any rate. Unstoppable dream can not accommodate any type of fear halted in the way to success. Avoid from all illusions and negative approaches adroitly.

Panic of Failure in CSS and PMS

Escape From Distractions:-

It has been certified that multi-functioning by brain simultaneously is harmful for your brain.For example, you are handling multiple tasks at one time as seeing smartphone lies near you, reading books, a laptop in which Facebook is going on and the noise of the TV. In this way, your brain’s concentration will divide into three parts. In this way you wont be able  to pay complete attention towards your studies, consequently you will learn nothing. You will have to decide yourself in which direction you are going and how to handle these distractions.

Escape from distractions

Study Practices:-

It is well said that “Practice makes men perfect”. You must inflict the habit of study more and more in order to In order to grasp your goal. You need  to find out best suitable place where no any sort of distraction could meet you, otherwise you will waste your time unconsciously. One must try maximum to utilize its time in productive way and must avoid from the wastage of time as well.

Study Practices


To conclude, I can say that CSS and PMS are Competitive Exams Structured in Pakistan. Aforementioned guidelines and tips are core elements with respect to securing remarkable success and also to tackle with challenges accordingly. By summarizing it i would like to say that you just adopt the strategies of “SMART” work in order to secure astonishing result within short period of time. you must cope up all challenges with open window of  mind and heart as well. Its not very big deal to appear for CSS and PMS although it demands only your keen aptitude in this regard.

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