ICMAP Syllabus Past Papers 2023 Model Papers Download Online

Institute of Cost Management Administration Pakistan is scheduled to conduct entrance and academic tests. Students who are studying for ICMAP must take note of the exam ICMAP Syllabus Past Papers as well as also model papers. Most of the time, ICMAP takes exams in an open and fair way. There are many students taking part in ICMAP. They must follow the ICMAP syllabus to be successful on the exam. We offer the ICMAP Syllabus Past Papers, guidebooks, and other preparation materials. Students studying at ICMAP should access the official site www.icmap.com.pk to download the exam syllabus of ICMAP. It is essential to adhere to the ICMAP syllabus in order to pass on the test. We have the ICMAP syllabus as well as past papers, guides, and exam prep books. Candidates are advised to visit this website at any moment to access this useful information.

ICMAP is preparing exams using the syllabus that is prescribed. It is essential that students be able to revise and review their syllabus prior to the beginning of the exam. Already students have been instructed by the Institute of Cost Management Administrative has issued a test schedule as well as a pattern for the paper. The test/exam papers are prepared in subjective and objective sections. The rate of passing is 50% for the ICMAP examination. Dear applicants We have provided all the information about the CMA program of ICMAP to assist you. Additionally, you can obtain more details from us by using the comments section. Check out this site for the most useful and valuable information in the shortest time.

ICMAP Past Papers MCQs

ICMAP Old Syllabus and Policies

Year Syllabus Policies
2016 Syllabus Career Pack
2012 Syllabus Career Pack
2005 Syllabus Career Pack
1998 Syllabus Career Pack
1994 Syllabus Career Pack
Pre-1994 Syllabus Handbook
Pre-1974 Syllabus Handbook

Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Pakistan ICMA

The Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Pakistan (ICMA Pakistan) was established in the year 1951 with the intention of regulating and enhancing the profession of Management Accounting within Pakistan. Through the authority conferred through the Act and Regulations, the Institute has been given the obligation to offer education, review competencies, and award internationally recognized post-graduate professional accreditation. After completing the conditions for membership the Institute gives these designations: Associate Cost and Management Accountant (ACMA) | Fellow Cost and Management Accountant (FCMA).

In addition, it is also involved in providing technical support to the Institute is also active providing technical support in support of members of the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Commerce, Planning Commission, Securities, and Exchange Commission of Pakistan, State Bank of Pakistan, Federal Board of Revenue, Accountant General of the Pakistan Revenues, Auditor General of Pakistan, Competition Commission of Pakistan, other regulatory agencies, other ministries, and other policy-making organizations.

ICMAP Syllabus Past Papers 2023 Model Papers Download Online

ICMAP Syllabus Past Papers

CMA Past Papers PDF and ICMA Paper Pattern

The entry test was developed by the ICMAP in the form consisting of objective and subjective sections. The passing rate is 50 percent for the ICMAP test. It is recommended to prepare using the information provided in the study guide to master the complete ICMA curriculum as well as the pattern.ICMA Intermediate Syllabus 2022 comprises two sections and eight essays. It is based on the old Syllabus. See Online

ICMAP Syllabus Recommended Books Download PDF

The entrance test is required for admission to ICMAP. Numerous coaching schools offer instruction in preparation for the ICMAP test. However, ICMAP recommends the most effective guides for preparing for exams. Candidates who are interested should read ICMAP-recommended books. Many candidates are not able to pay for ICMAP preparatory books to buy on the market. If that is the case you can download the books for free and in Pdf format. The exam provides three different versions that include ICMA FMFQ exam prep material. The study guides, which are backed by a team of experts comprise practice questions and an exam to practice.

ICMA Syllabus 2023

This is the Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Pakistan (ICMA Pakistan) Syllabus 2023 to prepare for the Entrance Exam and Examination Test. If you’re looking for ICMA Pakistan Syllabus 2023 then you’ve come to the right website. This is because I’ve provided the entirety of the subject information in the 2023 ICMA Pakistan Syllabus.

www.icmap.com.pk Test Course

Students of ICMAP should visit the official website www.icmap.com.pk to access the official examination course of ICMAP. Part 1 represents an increase over the usual 35 percent. It is the same as the 45 percent standard in Part 2. The most accurate information regarding the syllabus, including a reliable study guide, can be found on this site. The first week of January saw ICMA announce the new 2 parts of CMA schedules.

Subjects Code Subjects Pattern & Structure
Operational Level [OL]
O1 Fundamentals of Financial Accounting Download
O2 Business Economics Download
O3 Business Communication & Report Writing Download
O4 Fundamentals of Management Download
O5 Business Mathematics & Statistical Inference Download
O6 Commercial Laws Download
Managerial Level [ML]
M1 Fundamentals of Cost & Management Accounting Download
M2 Enterprise Management Download
M3 Management Information Systems Download
M4 Financial Accounting & Corporate Reporting Download
M5 Advanced Management Accounting Download
M6 Corporate Governance, Business Laws & Ethics Download
Strategic Level [SL]
S1 Advanced Financial Accounting & Corporate Reporting Download
S2 Audit & Assurance Download
S3 Business Taxation Download
S4 Strategic Management Accounting Download
S5 Strategic Financial Management Download
S6 Strategic Management Download
Practical Modules [PM] –Practical Corporate Training Modules
PM1 ERP Solutions and Practical Aspects of Accounting & Auditing Procedures Download
PM2 Financial Modeling and Management Reporting Download
PM3 Practical Aspects of Banking and Finance Download
PM4 Practical Aspects of Taxation Download
PM5 Practical Aspects of Business Laws Download
PM6 Communication Skills Download
Local Laws Gateway Examination [LLG] [Study Scheme-2023] Download

ICMAP Pakistan Free Courses 2023

We have provided all the details ICMA Pakistan Syllabus. The exam is comprised of three distinct kinds of materials that comprise the ICMA FMFQ study material. This can assist you in passing the test with ease. Many candidates cannot afford ICMAP textbooks for preparation in the market. You can download the books for free and download them for download in Pdf format. Each format comes with new exercises to be completed that are available to download in PDF format.

ICMAP Model Papers CBE

ICMAP Model Papers


What is the pass mark for ICMA?

The passing percentage for the exam of every subject is 50%.

How many papers are there in Icmap?

Students who have obtained CMA certification after Managerial Level-1, based on of either 14-year or 16-year [Non-CommerceBusiness studies/Business studies] in academics are eligible to take the exam of no more than six papers until Managerial Level 2.

What are the subjects of ICMA?

  • ERP Solutions and Practical Aspects of Accounting & Auditing Procedures.
  • Financial Modeling and Management Reporting.
  • Practical Aspects of Banking and Finance.
  • Practical Aspects of Taxation.
  • Practical Aspects of Business Laws.
  • Communication Skills.
  • Certification in Business Process Outsourcing.

What is the salary of Icmap in Pakistan?

The employees who graduate from Icma Pakistan earn an average of Rs29 lakhs.

What can I do after ICMA?

If they successfully complete the program, ICMAP members are admitted to ACCA status with the status of associate members (ACCA).

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