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Chemistry States of Matter Online Quiz Test MCQs

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Test Name : States of Matter Test
Subject : Chemistry General
Test Type : Mcqs
Total Question : 15
Total Marks : 30
Total Time : 20 Minutes

Given on this page is a free online quiz which includes important questions and answers about the States of Matter. All the individuals who want to improve their general knowledge or are currently preparing for any written exam related to this subject can now do so with ease by using our tests as a guide.

Chemistry States of Matter Online Quiz Test MCQs


1. Most of the universe consists of the matter in:

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2. Kinetic theory of gas was put forward by:

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3. If absolute temperature of a gas is doubled and pressure is reduced to one half, the volume of the gas will:

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4. Which of the following assumptions is not belonging in kinetic molecular theory of gases?

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5. Which of the following is the simplest form of matter?

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6. Inside every fluorescent lamp there is present a:

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7. According to kinetic molecular theory of gases, molecules increase in the kinetic energy when they are:

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8. The movement of gas molecules from a region of high pressure to vacuum is called:

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9. Gases deviate from ideal behavior because molecules:

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10. Which statement about gases is not correct?

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11. Gases exert pressure on walls of container because the gas molecules:

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12. All gases can be compressed by:

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13. The basic distinction between solids, liquids and gases lies in difference between:

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14. At same temperature, the kinetic energy of one mole of each H₂ and O₂ separately by:

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15. Plasma consists of:

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