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Organic Chemistry Fundamental Principles Online Quiz Test MCQs

Provided below on this page is a free online quiz which includes questions and answers about the topic of organic chemistry fundamental principles. Our online tests can be used by everyone as a guide for preparation of various chemistry subject general knowledge written exams with ease.

Organic Chemistry Fundamental Principles Online Quiz Test MCQs


1. Which compound does not show in isomerism?

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2. Pentane has isomers:

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3. Major component of natural gas is:

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4. A mixture of low boiling of hydrocarbons is:

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5. Geological survey of Pakistan estimates about billion tons of coal in Pakistan:

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6. Total coal resources in Pakistan are estimated by the geological survey of Pakistan is (in billion tones):

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7. Isomers of butane are:

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8. In t-butyl alcohol , the tertiary carbon is bonded to:

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9. Type of isomerism in BrCH=CHBr is:

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10. Isomers have same properties:

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11. Isomers are written for a compound, if it has carbon atoms at least:

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12. The state of hybridization of carbon atom in methane is:

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13. Mineral oil is called:

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14. Organic compounds are:

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15. Wohler prepared compound from ammonium cyanate:

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