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Organic Chemistry Carboxylic and Amino Acids Online Quiz Test MCQs

Here we have provided a free online quiz related to the topic of Carboxylic and Amino Acids. Our tests are really helpful when it comes to the preparation of any written exam as they let you assess and also improve your overall preparation level in a short time period.

Organic Chemistry Carboxylic and Amino Acids Online Quiz Test MCQs


1. Amyl butyrate has flavour of:

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2. Esters have smell like:

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3. Polymide consisting of hundreds to thousands amino acids is called:

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4. Esters are used as:

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5. Which following derivative cannot be prepared directly from acetic acid?

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6. Benzyl acetate has flavour of:

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7. Amino acids (proteins) are identified by the test:

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8. A carboxylic acid contains:

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9. Polypeptide molecule have molecular mass upto:

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10. Which of the following is not a fatty acid?

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11. Amyl acetate have flavour of:

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12. Acetic acid is manufactured by:

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13. Protein molecule is a molecule having molecular mass greater than:

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14. By convention, a peptide having molecular mass upto 10, 000 is called:

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15. Which acid is used in the manufacture of synthetic fibre?

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  1. 93%

  2. Uaf ka undergradute test practice? ?

  3. carboxylic acid contain both hydroxyl and carboxylic functional groups….i read it from the book but u have given the ansr that they contain only carboxylic group……….this is a wrong ansr

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