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Chemistry Chemical Equilibrium Online Quiz Test MCQs

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Test Name : Chemical Equilibrium Test
Subject : Chemistry General
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Total Question : 15
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Total Time : 20 Minutes

Chemical Equilibrium is the state in which both reactants and products are present in concentrations that have no further tendency of changing over time. As this is a quite important topic, so given below is a free online quiz about it which will help you in checking and also improving your knowledge related to chemical equilibrium.

Chemistry Chemical Equilibrium Online Quiz Test MCQs


1. A reaction is reversible because:

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2. A basic buffer solution can be prepared by mixing:

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3. The process in which ionization of an electrolyte is suppressed by the addition of another strong electrolyte containing one same ion is called:

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4. Buffer capacity is maximum when both components have:

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5. The rate of reaction:

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6. Conjugate base of a very weak acid is:

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7. The rate of a chemical reaction is directly proportional to product of molar concentration of reacting substance. It is called:

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8. A chemical reaction A →B is said to be in equilibrium when:

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9. The pH value of 0.001M HCl solution is water is:

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10. What happens when a reaction is at equilibrium and more reactant is added:

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11. Acids and bases when dissolved in water:

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12. The pH of 0.001M NaOH aqueous solution is:

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13. pH of pure water is:

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14. Human blood has a pH of:

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15. The sum of pH and pOH is:

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