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Punjab URDU Online 9th Class Test Lesson 6 Panchayat

The Panchayat is a South Asian political system mainly in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal. It is the oldest system of local government in the Indian, Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh. And this lesson is all about the Panchayat system, Its benefits. You should appear in the Online test system for this lesson its all about and for your preparation for …

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Punjab URDU Online 9th Class Test Lesson 7 Aram-o-Sukoon

Comfort and joy is the major part of Our Life and writer’s main focus in this lesson on the Comfort and joy. Because if we will not care about our life’s Comfort and joy then we will be sick very soon. So you should make time for yourself and your Comfort and joy if you want that you mind should …

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Punjab URDU Online 9th Class Test Lesson 8 Lahoo aur Qaleen

In this Lesson the Writer Mirza Adeeb has Sensitize us about the Hypocrisy in our society. Mostly people are educated but they do not know that what we do and why, and what is the wrong and what is the Right. If we do any good work then we show our good work to others and it is not good …

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