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Punjab English Online 9th Class Test Lesson 8 Drug Addiction

Drugs  are considered severely harmful for human health. Countless people die every year because of the Drugs abuse. Drugs Abuse the refer to the use misuse or overuse of drugs for effects that are not curative or medical in Nature. Drugs Addiction is common problem All over the World today. Drug Addiction Lesson 8 English Online Test 9th Below

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English Hazrat Asma Lesson 1 Online Test 9th Class Punjab

In this 9th Class English Online Test Our main Focus on About Topic Hazrat Asma life and related Islamic Information.Generosity of hazrat  Asma,Hazrat Asma Love and respect for Hazrat Muhammad PBHU and Message from Hazrat Asma Life for all Muslim.Please for Full Preparation this English Chapter 1 Hazrat Asma Free Online Test below and Prepare  you for annual Exams Higher …

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Punjab English Online 9th Class Test Lesson 3 Media and Its Impact

In this chapter the writer is sharing his knowledge is with us that what is the Media and its impacts and effect on our environment. Like he wants want to share with us about the merits and demerits of the Media and its Impacts. and I’m sure that you know about media that how much media playing the role in …

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Punjab English Online 9th Class Test Lesson 4 Nauroz

There are many festivals around the world which are celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm and fervor. Nauroz is the one such festival, celebrated on the 21st March and Observed by Iranians and the Related cultural continents such as parts of central Asia south, North western china, the Crimea, Caucasus and some groups in the Balkans. Nauroz Lesson 4 English Online …

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Punjab English Online 9th Class Test Lesson 5 Quaid’s Vision and Pakistan

We are a Nation and the Quaid-E-Azam is our National Hero. His complete life the is our practical Example. There are many Example in te history of the young nations building themselves up by sheer determination and force of character. We should face it bravely to save the honor of Pakistan and of Islam. Quaid’s Vision and Pakistan Lesson 5 …

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Punjab English Online 9th Class Test Lesson 6 Sultan Ahmed Mosque

Sultan Ahmed Mosque is one of the most impressive monuments int he World It is also known as the Blue Mosque because of the blue titles that Embellish its Interior. Its Situated in the Istanbul that is the Largest city of the Turkey The Capital of Ottoman Empire from 1453 to 1923, it has become the most popular tourist attraction. …

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Punjab English Online 9th Class Test Lesson 7 All is Not Lost

The Chapter (All is Not Lost) is about the Medical departments Like doctors and Nurses and the Patients and the it is about hospital Environment that In the hospital how we face troubles and the Hospital staff that how they treat the patients and public. So here the Writer discussing an accident story. All is Not Lost Lesson 7 English Online …

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