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Choose Correct Urdu Sentences by grammar Online Quiz Test 2

Below on this page, we have provided a online quiz which will help you in assessing and also improving your knowledge about Urdu sentences. The test includes Urdu language sentences questions and you have to choose the ones which are correct according to the grammar. Choose Correct Urdu Sentences by grammar Online Quiz Test 2

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Titles Names/Khitab of famous Personalities in Urdu online Quiz Test 1

When it comes to Urdu writers and Poets, there are tons of individuals who have achieved a special place in the history and earned various unique title names for their services with which they are remembered. So below we have a online quiz about the Khitab of famous personalities in Urdu through which you can check your level of knowledge …

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Urdu Poetry and Poets Online Test 1 MCQ for Jobs Interviews Preparation

Basically Poetry is the Part of any language, the Poetry is a form of literature that uses aesthetic and rhythmic qualities of language, In the all languages poetry exist that are speaks in world. All languages have different rules and regulation and different styles of their poetry. So here we are discuss about the Poetry and poets as well. We …

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