What should We do after Matric Exam Guidlines

We are pleased to share certain guidelines with you regarding choosing right study field for right person after matriculation.Usually, the students feel difficulty in choosing a particular group of study after Matriculation.This stage is much important for the students because it is consider to be foundation of the future.They must be careful about selecting the area with respect to their as well as career aspects also. If you are feeling difficulty is choosing the best suitable option, then simply draw a list of subjects you like to study. Remember, scoring good marks is not enough, it might be due to some other reasons i.e. more time devoted, better teacher etc. After picking up interested subjects delete all those options which you do not like to study, and make a list of groups of FA/FSc which include the subjects you are good at. Also keep in mind that a specific group leads to specific career options, so gather information about the career options each group of study leads to.Now we are going to list down the main option for study After Matriculation in Pakistan.

Education Counselling in pakistan after matriculation 2023

Students have numerous options after completing their matriculation stage as best according to their level of interest as well as aptitude.They are strongly advised to take right path as their tendency level say with respect to future career  exposure. God Gifts all ones almost equal capabilities but its dire need to utilize  and explore in right way as well.What should We do after Matric Exam Guidelines are available in very detailed manner as given below.

General Study Options after Matric for Science Students:-

  • FSc Pre-Medical
  • FSc Pre-Engineering
  • ICS with Physics
  • DAE

Aforementioned Options lead to excellent career and higher education options.if you are really good at biology and chemistry then Choose Pre-Medical group. Keep in mind that all options after Pre-medical require a good command on both Biology and Chemistry.

Pre-Engineering is also very good option and offers numerous educational options. Choose this group only if you are good at both Mathematics and Physics as well as having quantitative and analytical approach.As in Engineering Study,a good command on both Physics and Mathematics is very essential. Pre-Engineering offers excellent careers in Engineering, IT and Physics and Mathematics.

ICS with Physics is for those who do not like chemistry much, and want to go for career options in IT,Engineering and Physics. DAE as diploma of associate engineer is for those students who are having great aptitude for technical as well mechanical approach as well.

Study Options after Matric for Arts Students:-

  • FA General Science
  • FA Humanities
  • ICS with Math Stat and Computer
  • I.COM
  • D.com
  • DBA

Social Sciences or Arts programs are one of the appropriate options. Although it is common to regard Arts students as dull. But Social sciences programs offer excellent career options in Management, Economics, CSS and other fields as well. The exposure and scope is vast and career options are even better than the science subjects accordingly.

Study Options after Matric for Low Grade Students:-

  • DAE
  • Medical Technology Programs
  • Computer professional Diploma Programs
  • Technical and Vocational Training
  • Diploma in Homeopathic Medical Sciences

These programs are for those who could not secure good marks in Matriculation and having desire to join professional fields like engineering, medical, IT etc. Then they are advised to go for 2-3 years diploma programs. you can start you career easily after completing these degrees,and may have also options for higher education in Universities as well.Diploma Courses after matric is also one best option in front of those students who wanted to earn money on short basis and start their professional career in Pakistan accordingly.


To conclude i can say that  mostly students are worried about that what to do after matric education or what courses after metric in arts and science could be adopted as well. On this page we made our strong effort to guide the matric students with tips and guidelines about science and arts major subjects as well as also tried our best to aware the students from the significance of diplomas of engineering, computer, fashion designing along with scope accordingly. Above said that What should We do after Matric Exam Guidelines are most crucial and significant for the help of those students who really confused or double minded.

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