Tips for ISSB Test to Pass Obstacles, Group Planning Models and Candidates Discussion Reviews

Individual obstacles and group planning exercise are your first step towards the entry in the ISSB. These are the times when your mental and physical health is observed deeply. Evidently you are at this stage because you don’t have any medical health problem but when it comes to ISSB you have to prove your worth and this is one of those steps where you just have to prove yourself. There are some tips that will help you make pass these obstacles and exercises easily.

Individual obstacle test:

Individual obstacle test is meant to test your physical health. In this some of the hectic exercises are included for example:

  • Long jump which involves your legs strength.
  • Walking and running over inclined small wooden planks where whole body balance is involved.
  • Crawling like a monkey requires upper body strength.
  • Waking across parallel ropes requires your full concentration and control on your body.
  • Rope climbing once again requires your upper body strength.

To make it easy on the day they are conducted it is good for you to start practicing it beforehand may be before even applying for ISSB. This will develop your stamina and will show your will to your trainer about how much you want to be a part of ISSB family.

Tips for ISSB Test to Pass Obstacles, Group Planning Models and Candidates Discussion Reviews

Tips for ISSB Test to Pass

Group planning exercises practice:

Now-a-days it is very easy to practice group planning exercises. In this you will be given some situation and you will have to tackle it with the group. This requires your full attention, concentration and your vigilant thinking. It means you need to prepare well for it. In order to train your mind it is best that you play the strategic video games. Many girls are not very good at this but only if they have will. So it is very important for girls to think through the various situations and learn how to be tactical and manage the situation. Combat games have always been the best way of learning the group planning exercise.

As long as you are bringing new and acceptable fresh ideas that help you get through the situation victorious, then what else is there to worry about. Practice for all the possible obstacles you can so that on the day of mighty test you are ISSB strong and ready you make yourself proud of your achievement. These tips are not really very difficult to follow through as if you have passion then it will be more like fun activities for you.

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