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Quality of Education Bring Inventions & Innovations


Quality is concerned with the Standard of something or the degree of excellence accordingly. Quality of Education is refer to as provision of Capabilities which enable a person with respect to contribution in peaceful and democratic society.To get education is a Fundamental right of a human being and its not only the right to access education but also the right to take education of good quality. Education should be available and accessible but also acceptable and adaptable. This makes people to build all of their traits and skills to get their potential accordingly.

standards of Education

Quality of Education Bring Inventions & Innovations

Quality  of education needs Human and Financial resources which must be available to the maximum extent  as possible. According to international law, everyone has the right to get an education of good quality. Equality of Education upon same standard also matters a lot. States are responsible for ensuring  that the standards of education are equivalent in all educational institutions.

Difference Between Innovation and Invention:-


Invention is concerned with discovering or finding something new from its beginning or start. Its totally new technique or method adopted by someone in order to reveal certain uniqueness into existing one. Invention is equipped with new things based on unique ideas accordingly. For example, Alexander Graham Bell invented Telephone and removed the distances.



Innovation is another name of modification or adding something into an existing one.It comes after the invention of specific thing or discovery as well.This is  considered to be the secondary part for anything existed. It is full of new ideas which could be inflicted into existing one in order to enhance its efficiency and effectiveness as well and also to reshape accordingly. For example, new ideas and technology reshaped the telephone into mobile phones and I phones etc.



Position in Pakistan:-

Education in Pakistan is governed  by the Federal Ministry of Education and the provincial governments, whereas the federal government mostly assists in curriculum development, accreditation and in the financing of research and development. The educational system of Pakistan is considered to be the least-developed in the world.  In Pakistan there is only Quantity of education prevailing not quality of education seems. The Education structure in this Country needs to revamp. It encompass dual standards and primitive policies as well. There are mainly three sectors of education system in Pakistan.

  • Formal education
  • Informal education
  • Religious education

Formal Education:-

Formal education is related with the education received from institutions like schools, colleges or universities.There is big contrast is being found at this level of education. Private schools differ from Government schools with respect to curriculum, educational policies and  learning level as well.

Informal Education:-

This is refer to as getting education outside of a standard school setting as well. This type of education is given to students without providing particular infrastructure as well. These set-ups are usually seen in rural areas at micro level where the resources are scarce.

Religious Education:-

This is being provided in Madrassahs regarding religion  particularly to those students which are living below the poverty line. Students belonging from backward areas and less aware become the part of these institutions. This is totally unfair with that class of society which cannot afford formal education in educational institutions in systematic way accordingly.


Obstacles in Quality of Education


Infrastructure is refer to as entire environment of educational institution with respect to respect to building and class room, laboratories, computer labs for the students and  teachers as well. It also encompass suitable culture for learning  which is being seen to us specifically in our educational institutions in Pakistan.

Teaching Quality:-

In our Educational Institutions well Qualified and Educated staff is not being hired particularly at Primary level and secondary as well. These levels are considered to be highly important with respect to making foundation of kids as well. Quality of teaching must be ensured by the govt upon all levels of education.

Need Quality Not Quantity:-

Unfortunately our educational institutions focusing on to enhance literacy rate and giving Quantity only not Quality as well. Its Prime responsibility of govt to make sure about the quality of education with respect to equality and its practical significance as well. Education system must enhance and promote new ideas rather than to produce dull minds.

Dual Standards:-

There are various standards of education which are prevailing under one roof. There is big gap among educational policies made in this regard. Inequality of education provoke the minds and cause of complexity in society among people. Govt must take steps for the equality of education at all levels of education in order to bring harmony and uniformity as well.

Primitive Methods of Education:-

There should only one educational system, policy and method followed by all educational institutions in order to bring uniformity and harmony in society as well.Primitive and old methods are being adopted for learning purposes which are highly less-effective as well. There is big contrast existed in learning methods and outcomes with respect to their practical importance accordingly.

Lack of Scientific and Technical Education:-

Since 1400 years ago Holy Quran said more than Seven hundred times about the significance of Science and to discover this Universe according to its own way. We being Muslim didn’t follow the pattern and teachings of Holy Quran and left it to follow the instructions of it at all. Therefore Muslims are lagging behind the non-Muslims.

Lack of Research Based Studies:

There is lack of research based studies which are highly addressable for the quality of education. Research explore new ideas and invites the unique methods with respect to discovering something new. This also make someone enable to think critically and with creative approach accordingly.

Encouragement of Cramming:-

Unluckily at our educational plate forms the habit of cramming being promoted. This is so harmful for a brain with respect to its foster-age. Cramming destroy a creative mind and buries  all the potential inside it. Creative minds makes inventions and innovations while crammer mind only follow the way as it is.

Less-Effective Higher Education:-

Our Higher Educational system also producing book-worms. This is totally less-effective with respect to research and innovations as well. Quality is only up to the name sake. Provision of degrees is continued to crammer and plagiarized minds accordingly. Higher Education system also need certain addressable reforms on emergency basis in order to boost the quality of education.

Kinds of Educational Institutions in Pakistan:-

  • Government Schools.
  • Federal Government Schools.
  • Cadet Schools and Colleges.
  • Garrison Schools.
  • Elite and Non Elite Private Schools and Colleges.
  • Danish School.
  • Madrassah.
  • Missionary.

Educational objective

Aims, Purposes and Importance of Quality of Education:-


The core aim of the education must be social, ethical,political and  mental development of  a man with respect to its whole life as well.  Quality of Education only comes when it is promoted in its real meaning. The primary and finally aim of the education must be based upon humanity as well.


The Purpose of Education is to enable a man to live his life according to standardized manners of humanity and to contribute its  certain part for the whole world.The Purposes of education are widely debatable but in short Quality of education build a nation not single man.


Importance of Education cannot encompass few words. Shortly, this  enabled a man to step foot on moon and to contributed a lot of inventions as well.Now war of weapons finalized among nations. Now a days  Education emerged  as  most powerful weapon for war between countries.

purpose of education

Quality of Education In Pakistan


To conclude, I can say that Research based and full of Education should be the prime focus of Educational Institutions at all levels.Quality of Education could only be ensured through Exploring and encouraging new ideas and discouraging cramming techniques. Its dire need in Pakistan to eradicate the primitive methods of education and to promote ideal benchmarks and standards of Science and Technology in educational Institutions accordingly.Our Premier Focus should be on the Quality of Education not Quantity of Education. Quality of Education needs Particular Environment and Culture with respect to its existence as well.Quality of Education is the dire need of Modern Era and now a days this is the strongest weapon for any country.Today the war of weapons ended but war of Science and Technology being started among nations.

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