MDCAT Test preparation 2023 Tips and Best Books for higher Score in Pakistan

If you want to get success in MDCAT  with great marks, read complete article care fully.  Here you will get the test preparation information, MDCAT syllabus, date sheet etc.

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MDACT and ECAT tests are the ones most dreaded tests by the students. Every student interested to join medical or engineering field has to prepare it quite well and of course to do so you need to take into account some of the obstacles that you might face. First off merit in Pakistan to get into Medical colleges is very high and it is not possible for everyone to get in and this means you need to prepare very well that you dare not left out just because of 1 or 2 marks.

MDCAT Test preparation 2023 Tips and Best Books for higher Score in Pakistan

MDCAT Test preparation Tips and Best Books for higher Score in Pakistan

This means you need to follow these tips:

  • Don’t wait for last 2-3 months:

When preparing for MDACT test you shouldn’t wait for the last months. You’re FSc. Or college period should be all continuously a preparation for this. These 2 years are very important for the career oriented people. It is necessary that you prepare all the time you spent in college keeping this is mind that you have to go to a reputed university further. When it comes to Medical, going to government colleges is most desired.

  • Get your concepts straight:

MDACT exam is not based on the crammed learning. Don’t just memorize all that you can, get the concepts right especially for English, physics, chemistry portion where you have to use your mind to understand the question. Other than that you will be able to perform well in Biology portion by memorizing but even then somewhat concepts will be required. Keeping an open mind is very necessary.

  • Weaknesses in particular subjects need to be eliminated:

So if you are weak in chemistry, physics or English or may be biology, then focus on it more and prepare for it more. There are number of websites that will help you prepare for your test by giving you preparation question and more. Don’t be afraid to learn extra things other than your text book you never know they give you an edge in getting good scores.

Which Books to Study for MDACT?

When you study for MDACT, it is not about which books it is about the right material. If you take a tour in market you will get to know that there are so many companies that are publishing books annually that you will get lost in them. First thing is that you go through your textbooks thoroughly and get the past exams collection. This will help you get through your exams the best no more search required of extra books.

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