ISSB Group Discussion Topics Example Topics to Prepare

During the ISSB test one of the point comes where you are supposed to have group discussions. Your groups are made with the fellow candidates and your people’s skill is checked. The Group testing officer will assign you the topic and then the discussion starts on it. Well the topic can be anything from politics to religion and also history. It will be some sort of topic that really matters for the candidate to know. There’s always a right way and a wrong way to do something and we are going to guide you about it.

ISSB Group Discussion Topics 2023 Pdf

If candidates are split into groups and then introduced to the GTO, the group will be gathered in a room that has seating that is spherical. This is the space for discussion. The first task assigned by the GTO is the ISSB Group Discussion. In this assignment, a subject is given to the group, and they are required to discuss the topic in detail, such as its pros and cons, the merits and drawbacks, and other pertinent information. You can either be in opposition or favor the issue; it’s entirely up to the person submitting the proposal. All you need to do is be logical when making your case.

ISSB Lecturette Topics 2023

The discussion topic chosen by the GTO in the ISSB Group Discussion will be in Urdu. You can decide to start the discussion either with a discussion in Urdu or English. A majority of the candidates prefer it in Urdu because they are more at ease speaking the Urdu language and have a lot of points they can speak with ease.

ISSB Group Discussion Topics Example Topics to Prepare

ISSB Group Discussion Topics

Group discussion behavior

While you are in group discussion, first thing that you will be noticed for is your tolerance. The most important part of group discussion is that everyone has their views some will be just the way you want and some will be in your opposition and this doesn’t mean you have to lose your cool. Make sure to bring out your poise and respect other group members. It is also possible that the topic may feel offensive to you but keeping your facts right and be really really sensible is the key to be a good discussion.

After this make sure that you don’t get loud and also you don’t have to stick to your opinion and fight for it, instead listen to the other person and take it as thought sharing. Do not keep on talking and also give other’s some space to project their ideas. This is because the testing officer will be checking your team skills during all this.

How to proceed for discussion

When you are making a discussion, try to shed light on some facts. Don’t mock anyone as it is considered disrespectful and thus really bad impression of you. It is very important that you keep your ideas straight, do not try the group to lead to discussion other than topic. Make sure to bring in some humor to your talk but it should be something really sensible and not hitting on someone.

Preparing for the group discussion

If you are preparing for your group discussions the best idea to prepare it is to just go through thoroughly the past 2 months newspapers and make the chain of stories that are published. Get your facts straight and also try to form your own opinion about it. Read history books as many as you can and also have some discussions with your elders. This will help you maintain your poise and also learn respecting your fellow group members. It will be like a mock session for you with elders imparting knowledge to you.

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