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How to Prepare KPK ETEA MCAT and ECAT Entry Test Online

In KPK province the responsibility of the entry test rests with the department called ETEA. When examination of HSSC come to an end, the KPK Educational Testing and Evaluation Agency (ETEA) is conduct the entry test for admission in different medical and engineering colleges/universities.

ETEA tests consist of 200 marks. MCAT and ECAT tests consist of multiple type MCQs questions. There are three types of ETEA test for medical and engineering. It is usually announce in month of June and test is conducted in the month of August.

How to Prepare KPK ETEA MCAT and ECAT Entry Test Online

Prepare KPK ETEA MCAT and ECAT Entry Test Online

Preparation of ETEA MCAT and ECAT Entry Test:

ETEA entry test of English and all elective subjects of FSc. Different subjects having different marks in various kinds of entry test. The students should follow the following tips to pass the ETEA MCAT and ECAT tests.

  • The two most important things to be considered while preparing for the ETEA MCAT and ECAT tests are language proficiency and scientific concepts. While the answering the question you should become conceptually strong.
  • Buy the relevant objective books and read them thoroughly. It is clear that ETEA has not published any book officially. Make a plan by and try to cover the objective book within the planned timetable.
  • Select the at least five past papers and try solve them. Don’t forget to clear your concept about these papers.
  • Focus on the definitions, these are very important. So prepare them too.
  • If you have not the objective book then prepare the objective question of subjective book, which are given at the end of each chapter.
  • You have to best command over scientific formulas, math equation and numerical questions.
  • You should have awareness about ETEA answer sheet in entry test
  • MCQ’s Solving Techniques are very important to solve the test. Students should learn them.
  • Time Management is very important in every test. Solve the test in limited given time.
  • You should gain self confidence in the examination hall.
  • Group Discussion regarding entry test are very helpful for preparation of any tests.
  • Read each question at least two times before you encircle the answer.
  • Some question statements are tricky but not difficult in actual. Don’t be panic. Read them carefully and understand them with basic knowledge and present mind.
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