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How to Prepare ISSB Final Interview Tips and Guide for Male and Females

Final interview is the last step that has to be taken by the candidates that is basically the cementing step for the candidates to be selected for ISSB. Basically, this personal interview is not to be dreaded for as there is not going to be questions that are from textbook. During the personal interview interviewer is trying to get through your mind and understand your personality that whether it is suitable for the services or not. When you are going for ISSB interview there are some very important factors that you should keep in mind and these are as follows.

Your conduct:

When you are called for an interview make sure that when you enter the building your behavior is compassionate and soft. Don’t try to be intimidating but do make your personality impressive. Keep smile on your face and also greet your interviewer with respect and make sure that your hand shake is firm. Do not try to show off or be shy or over confident. Talk the way you were talking nicely to someone of high authority.

How to Prepare ISSB Final Interview Tips and Guide for Male and Females

How to Prepare ISSB Final Interview

Questions you might be asked:

Then comes the most important part that what would you be asked when in an interview. Here is a sneak peak:

  • You will be asked about your family as in your father’s job, your rank amongst your siblings etc.
  • Interviewer will ask you about you, about your age, height, what you are currently doing, about your qualification and also what are your hobbies etc.
  • You will be asked about Islam and this is where you will be supposed to tell some general knowledge answers.
  • Last but not the least; you will be supposed to tell about your feelings, emotions and reasons of joining army.

Important guide for male and female candidates:

The most important thing is that:

  • Ladies when go for the interview they fidget or get confused and sometimes speak in a very low voice which is not a good thing as it shows that you are not confident. Even though you have aced all the tests but if you show you are weak then you need to know that you won’t be able to be a part of ISSB.
  • However, boys have been known to be rude and ignorant to show their confidence but this is the one thing that will make you to be kicked out of ISSB.

Prepare well for your ISSB test and make sure to be humble and down-to-earth.

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