How to Pass ISSB Test Detailed Preparation Guides by experts and Passing candidates

ISSB test is one of those that are considered to be really very difficult. But in reality it is not as difficult. All it needs is your commitment and also some study that is basically general knowledge. The need of learning about your past and present and your religion is very necessary. You don’t have to dread about the test, basically you have to be a real learner. That is the only way to pass the test and rest guide is provided here for you to help pass test.

How to Pass ISSB Test Detailed Preparation Guides by experts and Passing candidates

How to Pass ISSB Test

What guides to choose?

When preparing for ISSB, you need to go basic. By basic we mean basic Islamiyat and core duties and basic knowledge. Basic English, that also includes understanding tenses and proverbs. Then, basic math that includes sequence and arithmetic. Learn geography that has all to do with directions and countries. Political history of country in past and present. Get to know about relations of Pakistan with foreign countries. This all will help you attempt your exam completely and with great success. ISSB doesn’t deal with anything that you can’t learn or is very difficult but know one thing to be prepared well.

How to prepare:

ISSB test is not very difficult to prepare. You should get the books of Islamiyat, math, English grammar and Pakistan studies of Matric and FSc and start to go through them. That helps you get to the basics. It is very easy to prepare only if you have will. Then comes the fact that you have to know the general knowledge all you can. This will help you get through your ISSB test easily. Better the general knowledge better will be your result. All needed is your commitment and dire need to pass it and rest should be left on the luck.

Sample questions:

The questions that will come in your paper will look something like this:

Mention the missing number:

3, 9, 12, 15, ___, 21, 24.

Write the missing word.

Man is to run, is bird is to ____




What are the three “faraiz” of shower (ghusl)?

Arrange the word:

Alobflot: _______

Rearrange the word:

The nipped budis in the evil must.

These are some of the examples of the questions that you will face during the ISSB written test. This shows your intelligence and concentration.

Basically in ISSB test your vigilance, attention to details and caliber is judged which is why they don’t have to give you hectic things to understand it really.

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