Education Necessary For Character Building

Education is process of learning or receiving knowledge. It builds one’s Character with respect to ethics and moral values. Education also enhances the power of an individual to think or ponder  over various mysterious aspects of this universe. It is not concerned about just studying and getting good grades but to discover new  things and bring innovation wherever it needs accordingly. It is the Primary responsibility of a society to educate its citizens. An educated individual has strong capability to distinguish between right and wrong or good and evil. In fact education helps you to become a useful citizen of the society. Knowledge accordingly must be linked with values and goals.

Education necessary for Character Building

Power of Education in Character Building

Education is necessary and remained the need of each era and field of life as well.Education brought this world into global village.It comes in real form with the existence of good character in an human being. Strong Character of a human being ultimately leads  towards utilization of positive aspects of Education accordingly. Education demands Certain pillars of a good character in an individual which are going to dispatch as below:

Pillars of Strong Character:-

A person which is considered to have good character reveals attribute such as integrity, honesty, courage, loyalty, fortitude. These traits promote one’s good behavior and habits which ultimately depicts strong character as well.There are Six Pillars of Character. These are highly important with respect to constructing cemented character as discussed below.


This Pillar focuses on the honest behavior of an individual.One should not deceive or cheat anybody and  must be reliable for what is going on. You should be trustworthy with respect  to your words and also  build good reputation in front of others.It consequently brings integrity, confidence and uniformity in you.


This essential is refer to as duty or obligation which a person makes.This also show the commitment and determination level of an individual to its words or saying.You should always do your best and keep yourself accountable for your words, actions and attitudes.Always set best example for others. Even you should think before taking any any responsibility as well.Responsible attitude always demands seriousness and solemnity in ones behavior.

Responsibility, Duty

This pillar of character advises you to treat others with respect and reverence.Always use respectful gesture and postures for others. Gratitude is the right attitude. Follow the Golden Rule that be tolerant and accept differences.  considerate the feelings of others with polite and good manner.Deal peacefully with anger,insults and disagreements. This attitude brings uniformity in you with respect to any dealing in your life. It enables  you to live self-contented and happy life accordingly.



This pillar gives a strong advise to  you that always keep your mind cool and broad.Equality is the right attitude. Fairness depicts   very equal and transparent attitude of an individual.You must treat all people fairly and in very polite manner.Listen to others carefully.Do not take the advantage of others in wrong way. You should treat and deal all people based on uniformity as well as impartiality. One must avoid to adopt or create biased behavior.



Be Caring:-

This fundamental is concerned with that One must be kind and compassionate to others. Its a submissive attitude of an individual which is the heart of a strong character.Be thanked to Almighty for what you have.Try your best to forgive others upon their blunders.You should prove yourself as helping hand for others without any sake. Modesty must be crucial part of your personality as well. Always be humble during your deals, deeds and actions.


Good Citizen:-

The Citizen is refer to as member of society or community. Strong character makes a person as a good citizen which is highly obliged to obey the society or community rules and laws.A good citizen performs its duties according to demand of prevailing state rules and regulations.This never break these laws.In order to become good citizen one must build all essentials of strong character as mentioned above in itself.Education is sole source and perfect way which gives you the best  the model character.

Citizenship Quality

Significance of Education:-

About 1400 years ago a Holy book named “Quran” revealed for mankind which has great emphasis on education.The first revealed  word of the Quran was “Iqra”  which mean as  to  Read, To Educate.

Quran says:- Are those who have knowledge equal to those who do not have knowledge?

The Muslims today has become the most humiliated community in the world. Reason behind this humiliation is just ignorance and reversion from education. While this  Holy book keeps entire its focus on education and civilization as well. Education must inflict into individuals in a practical form with respect to its implementation as well.

Education importance

Education enables an individual to give a proper shape to its life with respect to social as well economical aspects. World has become global village and this is just because of exploration of educational aspects in various fields accordingly. Where education confers an individual a strong character then there in the meanwhile it has also given new shape of life along with numerous luxurious aspects also.The major Contribution of Education in any society is that it brings awareness at macro level. Awareness is the key factor for making the things right in a systematic way.


To conclude,  I can say that Education plays an important role for building any society or community as well. Islam emphasized on the significance of education  about 1400 years ago with logical points. Today  the whole world is ready to confess the predilection of Holy  Quran teachings and  indications towards discovering the universe with help of education as stated since fourteen hundred years. Education build nations along with constructing their ethical and moral values accordingly.Education has brought revolution in men’s life. In Pakistan there are numerous challenges are going ahead due to lack of education.

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