How ECAT AGGREGATE/MERIT CALCULATOR Online for Admission in UET Mechanical Civil B.Architecture Engineering

ECAT or the engineering college admission test is the one that has been attempted by many students and only those students have passed who were steadfast and hard working. As simple as it seems the test has its own difficulties. Number of engineering universities are quite high than that of medical institutes but even then getting admission in really accredited universities is not an easy task. It is advised to all those students who want to get in the engineering colleges that they make sure to prepare well for test in their college lives too.

How ECAT AGGREGATE/MERIT CALCULATOR Online for Admission in UET Mechanical Civil B.Architecture Engineering


Percentage contribution:

When the aggregate of entry test is formed, the percentage of Matriculation or equivalent 10%, FSc or equivalent 15% and entrance test has 75% weightage. The students who couldn’t perform god in any of their matriculation or intermediate still can get the chance to apply for the university until you have 60% result in your matric and FSc. Students should not lose hope as the result of ECAT is more and more dependent on the entry test. It has 75% weightage which means you can still avail a chance of getting into the engineering university.

The calculation of aggregate is done by the formula:

(Marks scored in FSc. X 70/total marks of FSc.) + (Marks scored in entry test X 30/400) =Aggregate

The formula will help you determine that how much percentage acquired in your entry test will be able to get you across. Students can easily get the chance to have admission in engineering universities if they prepare well for entry test.

Normally students start preparation of the test in the last 2-3 months but really this is not the way to do it, you need to lose yourself to preparation for at least last 6 months. Keep 1 month for preparation of each portion of test and one month to revise it all at the least once. This is the only way to get admission in any engineering university by performing your best in entry test that is ECAT.

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