Do Smart Work Rather Than Hard Work

Success is often a result of hard work. But it’s also essential to recognize that failure, is also often a result of hard work. Its a reign of doing smart work by adopting comprehensive strategies and plans towards accomplishment of goals rather than to opt hard work.  As leaders, we must recognize the difference between working hard and working smart; not just for ourselves, but for those we lead.

Don’t Just work hard but do smart work which will make your effort more effective. A simple truth revealed that working hard on the wrong things does not make one successful.By keep on working smart you may use less resources. Smart work is another name of efficient and effective work along with good ideas  of saving money or time.

work smarter

Difference Between Smart Work And Hard Work:-

Smart Work:-

Smart work saves lots of time and allows you to be more organized and effective as well.Through it your goals can be accomplish quickly.Doing it permits you save time for other things which you might not get by doing hard work like, exercise, spending time with family etc.Smart work brings lots of recognition from the society and enable you to grow more in the industry you are in. This also supports you to get maximum output within a short span of time. It is made up of 5 Alphabets which explore its importance gracefully i.e Specific, measurable,attainable,realistic and time bound.

Hard Work:-

Hard work takes lots of time just to make things correct.It is totally time consumable and exhaustive experience, as after doing lots of work you left out with less energy to do anything else.It also doesn’t allow you to fully use your brain and it pushes you for more physical work.It doesn’t involve innovation. In terms of determination and persistence hard work is really important but not lot can be achieved.Working hard is not enough as it might not bring the best result of a problem or a situation.

Smart work Traits:-

  • It is from physical to creative work regarding goal or objective as well
  • It gives you life management skills accordingly.
  • This is most useful for Time management skills.
  • It Looks on the bright side of life with new framework.
  • Enable one to see carefully for selecting the right opportunities.
  • Smart work makes an individual able to think before acting
  • Focusing on creating, delivering and capturing value
  • Leveraging other people’s time
  • Leveraging other people’s money
  • Creating intellectual property or products, and unfair advantages
  • Being proactive and having emotion control is the quality of Smart work.
  • Considering limits
  • Hanging out with the best people possible
  • Building on your strengths
  • Keeping short-term and long-term perspective
  • Being agile and adaptable


To conclude, I would like to conclude that in the end that smart work is really important as it saves time and allows you to reach your goals faster than that of a hard work. In Pakistan it is the most pressing need that Students as well as professional must realize the the application and significance of smart work rather than hard work in their lives. It is great need of the hour to one must should adopt those innovative strategies and techniques which are hybrid in nature and to get optimal utilization of resources as well.Students and professional are need to be vigilant with respect to smart work. It enables an individual to bring conciseness and comprehensiveness regarding success. If an individual really want to successful within limited resources such as time then he/she must adopt smart work strategy accordingly. Today the world has become global village and technology have removed the distances. In Pakistan its Dilemma of our youth that they are only focusing on hard work rather than to adopt new ideas and bring uniqueness in work. It is well quoted that Brevity is the soul of wit.

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