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Blood Donation Sites/Societies/Organizations in Pakistan

We are pleased to inform you that we have provided a detailed note on the topic of Blood Donation Sites/Societies/Organizations in Pakistan. So, people who do have not enough knowledge about blood donation organizations can concern this article to know about Blood Donation Sites/Societies/Organizations in Pakistan. Blood is an extremely important part of our body and with excessive loss of blood, death is certain.

What is Blood Donation?

Blood donation is a means to save lives, It is a help for the survival of others. Blood donation is a process in which blood is collected from a volunteer, tested, and stored for usage. There are tons of blood donation sites, societies, and organizations in Pakistan that collect blood from volunteers and also provide blood to people in case of need.

Why Blood Donation is Needed?

Blood is needed every single minute for various purposes including:

  • To fulfill the requirement of blood loss because of a disease or accident.
  • For surgeries
  • For patients suffering from Anemia
  • For a mother, while giving birth to a child
  • For individuals suffering from ailments like Hemophilia and Thalassaemia

Blood Donation Sites/Societies/Organizations in Pakistan

Blood Donation Organization and Sites in Pakistan

Each year, over 10,000 people die in Pakistan due to the non-availability of blood at the required time. To resolve this problem, a large number of organizations have been established that collect blood from random donors and provide it to people in hospitals in their time of need. So below we have listed some blood donation online websites and organizations currently operating in Pakistan.

Blood Donation Websites in Pakistan

  • Pakdonor.com
  • donate. pk
  • Blood. pk
  • Merablood.com
  • Pakblood.com

Blood Donation Society Pakistan

Address: JR5X+GGH, Rd 2, 3/A Block C Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Punjab 44000
Phone: 0343 5474442

Blood Donation Organizations in Pakistan

  1. Ahsas Welfare Organization
  2. Al-Fajar Foundation
  3. Al-Mustafa Welfare Society
  4. Al-Shifa Foundation
  5. Abbottonians Medical Association®, Abbottabad
  6. Al-Mariam Blood Donation Society
  7. Aman Blood Organization
  8. Amna Haematological Services
  9. Barani Blood Donor Society
  10. Burhani Medical Welfare Association (BMWA)
  11. Burhani Blood Donor and Welfare Association
  12. Call for rising Blood Donor Society (CFR-BDS)
  13. CMLT Blood Donor Society
  14. Comsats Blood Donor Society
  15. Engineer’s Blood Donor Society (EBDS)
  16. Education Academy
  17. EME Blood Donor Society
  18. Fatimid Foundation Kidney Centre, Quetta
  19. Friends Foundation
  20. Frontier Foundation Welfare Hospital & Blood Transfusion Services
  21. Haidri Blood Bank & Welfare Society
  22. Hamza Foundation
  23. Human Welfare Thalassaemia Centre
  24. Husaini Haematology and Oncology Trust
  25. IMDC Blood Donor Society
  26. Institute of Business Management (IoBM) Blood Donor Society
  27. Ithad Young Blood Bank
  28. Jamila Sultana Foundation
  29. Kashif Iqbal Thalassaemia Care Centre
  30. Kashmir Blood Bank
  31. Kids Blood Diseases Organization
  32. Medicos Aid Society
  33. Mehran Blood Donors & Welfare Association
  34. Mohsin Foundation
  35. Muhammadi Blood Bank
  36. National Hematology Center & Blood Bank
  37. Omair Sana Foundation
  38. Pakblood
  39. Pakistan Thalassaemia Welfare Society
  40. Patients’ Aid Foundation
  41. Patients’ Welfare Association
  42. Pakistan Red Crescent Society
  43. Punjab Law College Blood Donating Network
  44. Qadianis Blood Donors Society (QBDS)
  45. Rifah Welfare Foundation
  46. Safe Blood Transfusion Services
  47. Save the People’s Welfare Organization
  48. Sahara Human Aid Association
  49. Shifa College of Medicine
  50. Sundas Foundation
  51. Welfare Hand Organization
  52. Zainabia Blood Bank & Thalassaemia Centre

Blood donation Center in Lahore

  1. Blood Donor
  2. Sundas Foundation
  3. Blood Rescue

Contact No for Blood Donation

042-37422140 & 04237422141

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