Best Written CV or Resume Can Impress Interviewer

A Curriculum Vitae CV or Resume is the written analysis of an individual’s experience, qualifications and requisites for a concerned  job. These both are Identical in sense but distinguished with respect to format or structure as well. Presentation is key factor to impress anyone particularly in time of interview. Therefore it must be carefully designed and written so  as to leave  an immediate key impact on interviewer. It should be presented in a way. that reader must be able to get a clear and crystal view upon your  potential within few seconds. Usually most of us are  unfamiliar with the best pattern being adopted during making CV or Resume.


Best CV or Resume Pattern Can Impress Reader

Keep in mind, that the person reading it will never have met you before. so present the CV grammatically error free with full of focus. as it will be seen as a reflection of your personality as well. It is  the most powerful marketing tool that gives you a opportunity to sell yourself. and your abilities to employers. One must not mix-up the CV and resume as on the same pattern. These are used commonly in same sense but differ with respect to their structure as well. We are going to differentiate them in very concise manner regarding  their format and contents as given below:

Difference Between Curriculum Vitae and Resume:-

What is Curriculum Vitae?

Curriculum Vitae is a Latin word as concerned with course of life. It is a detailed overview of your achievements. peculiarly those concerned to your academia. Its length is as longer as needed and Commonly used  in the  countries outside of the United States.In Africa,  Asia, Europe, the Middle East employers can expect for a curriculum vitae from job seekers. It can be much longer as detailed synopsis than a resume, and can be thought of as a living document that is updated frequently. This might encompass more than one pages  due to expanded information regarding a individual. It demands to furnish references also.

 CV or Resume

What is Resume?

Resume is a French word which means summary. It is to the point and concise document which aim to to prescribe all the necessary credentials of an individual for desired outcomes. Its length is hardly 1-2 pages only and widely used in countries like United states, Canada as well. In short, We can be say that its a hybrid form of Curriculum Vitae. This targets to share very short mandatory information with reader. It does not require any reference.

Ideal CV or resume

Here, We are  also going to Provide certain Useful tips for making Best Curriculum vitae and Resume with respect to their validity and applicability during interview session for job seekers. These tips are given below in very comprehensive way.

Best Tips For Making Curriculum Vitae:-

An ideal CV is mandatory for full-time jobs, part-time, internal, external, promotions, new jobs, career changes, internships etc. A well presented and well-structured CV also depicts that you are professional and well organised. So you should follow the key points as going to discussed below in very concise manner:

  • This  must be easy to read.
  • Your curriculum vitae must sell you.
  • CV  can also possess suitable cover letter accordingly.
  • It must be appropriate to what the reader is looking for.
  • Longer Information could be added as per requirements.
  • The way you are going to  present your CV must effectively demonstrate your ability to communicate, and conclusively to expound a professional business proposition.

Useful Tips For Writing Resume:-

Resume must encompass following key points in order to its validity as well as applicability where it needs to be. It matters a lot along with Specification as discussed below:

  • There should be concise information.
  • Length must not exceed the limit of 1-2 pages.
  • This should be also taken as living document.
  • This must be enough to prescribe your credentials as well.
  • Font style, Font size and Font color must be according to compiled content.
  • It does not need any covering letter.

 Should I Use CV or Resume?

Resume is widely used and applicable in the Countries like United states and Canada while Curriculum Vitae Prevails in Asian, African and Middle East Countries as well. But there is no any limitation being enforced with respect to using Resume instead of Curriculum Vitae. Following Guidelines must keep in mind at time of Making CV or Resume. Simplest way to choose one of the best pattern according to your need. and requirement as well.

  • When Concise and to the point information is required then you must use Resume.
  • Where detailed piece of  information is needed then one must adopt  Curriculum Vitae.
  • The Choice of selecting CV or Resume  is usually depends upon Employer Requirements.

Position In Pakistan:-

CV pattern is usually  being followed in Pakistan due to the requirement of demanding detailed information from the applicants or job seekers by employers. Its most useful and applicable in all organizations and firms accordingly. Employer usually seeks complete information in order to ascertain the potential of an individual with respect to its efficiency and effectiveness.

CV or Resume


To conclude,  we can say that Curriculum Vitae and Resume are the Art of Presenting your Potential in written form according to needs and requirements as well. These are only made by job-seekers at the time of interview. One must follow the afore-mentioned instructions as to make CV or Resume much  attractive and beautiful. Both  CV and Resume clearly show those strengths and experiences that are most relevant to the job you are applying for.

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