Quantitative Reasoning Maths Numerical Test Online Mcqs for Preparation Question Answer

Test Instructions

Test Name : Maths Numerical Test 1
Subject : Aptitude Test
Test Type : Mcqs
Total Question : 20
Total Marks : 40
Total Time : 20 Minutes

Quantitative Reasoning Maths Numerical Test Online Mcqs for Preparation Question Answer

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This quiz must be completed in 20 minutes.
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  1. Anyone tell me how to solve question no. 6.

  2. mujy nts ki tyari karni gotest main questn shown q ni ho rahy tell me plz

  3. Sumera Ajmal Khan

    I am unable to start test. How I can start it?

  4. i got 65%

  5. Mai na nts ki online preparation karni h

  6. 133+50=183, 183+58=241,241+66=307,307+74=381, 381+82=463,463+90=553

  7. i did not understand how you calculate what kind of questions are that

  8. can someone plz explain Q.#1.. and either calculator is allowed in GAT General Test or not?

  9. I have doubt about question 14.
    Area of square is SxS
    Perimeter is 4S
    I think answer must 1701.

    • dear rizwan as you know parimeter is sum of all four sides of sqaure. so to find out length from perimeter first divide 164/4 so length of one side is 41. now as all sides are equal and area of square is L x B so 41 x 41= 1681. hope this wil help

  10. 3/4*2x/5 – 4/5*2x/8 = 5
    6x/20 – 4x/20 = 5
    2x/20 = 5
    x/10 = 5
    x = 50

  11. 180x/200 = 504
    180x = 504*200
    x = 504*200/180
    x = 560

  12. hahhahah

  13. Q10 is wrong…

  14. Syed Adnan Khalid


    to simplifying it by divining 6 on both sides

    6a/6 + 6b/6 = 86/6


    for average divide it by 2



  15. 6a+6b=84
    6(a+b)/6 = 84/6
    and average is 14 is
    14/2 = 7ans

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