8070 Free Ata Registration Online Apply 2023 By SMS

If you’re a Pakistani citizen and have a mobile phone, it is easy to sign up for this government’s free ata scheme by sending a short SMS. In this post, we’ll explain the procedure of 8070 Free Ata Registration Online  for the scheme , and also highlight its advantages. The ATA scheme is a federal initiative aimed to give to poor or low incom families. According to the information that these families who are deserving will receive three bags of 10 kg of wheat flour free throughout Ramadan. The distribution of wheat flour for free (Ata) to most deserving citizens of Punjab will begin on the 25th of Sha’ban, and will continue through the 25th day of Ramadan. Additionally this Ramadan Relief Package will reportedly aid over 15 million households as well as 100 million people.

ATA Online Registration 2023

ATA Online Register 2023 for people who cannot connect to the internet or have no internet access, the SMS registration procedure is a fantastic option to join the program. All they have be able to send is a text message that includes “Atta, and their valid CNIC number to the number 8070 from their registered mobile. After sending the message they will receive a confirmation email that confirms their registration.

8070 Web Portal Ata

8070’s web portal for the registration process online is accessible to anyone with the valid CNIC number. The process can be completed in couple of steps. When you visit the official site that is operated by the Punjab Social Protection Authority (PSPA) the eligible applicants can fill out the required information and submit the registration forms. In addition, they may make an application by sending an SMS message to the number 8070.

Eligible Criteria for the ATA Scheme

The scheme is intended to assist small-scale families who do lack the money to face their basic needs.

  • The applicants mustr be Pakistani
  • Having low incom
  • Having CNIC

How Can I Get 8070 Free Ata Registration Online?

Alternately, you can sign up for the scheme by sending an SMS to the number 8070. You can follow these instructions:

  • Enter “ATA” in the message body.
  • Make sure to leave a space before typing in your CNIC number.
  • Send the message to 8070.
  • You will receive a confirmation email when you have completed your registration.

8070 Free Ata Registration Online Apply 2023 By SMS

8070 Free Ata Registration Online

8070 Atta Apply Online By SMS | Online Registration

MUFT ATTA Scheme Online Registration Register for 8070 Ata online here. Because it is the Holy month of Ramadan is getting closer and fast approaching, the time to register for the Government of Punjab has launched an exclusive relief package dubbed “Ramadan Special Package of Free Atta Supply “Ramadan Special Package of Free Atta Supply” to provide relief to residents of Punjab.

Ramadan Relief Package 2023

The chief commissioner of Islamabad has made public Islamabad’s Ramadan Relief Package that will provide 3 bags of wheat flour (Ata) throughout the month of Ramadan 2023. The government has given 5 billion dollars to stores of utility to help with the Ramazan relief, which has begun on utility stores. As part of the Ramazan relief package, a subsidy will be provided for 19 items that are essential. The ID card number will be required for purchases of the items that are subsidized. A subsidy amount of Rs.51.92 per kilogram will be paid for flour as well as Rs.30 on milk, sugar and drinks. The subsidy will be of Rs.50 per kilogram on Chickpea flour, also known as besan, and dates, and Rs.25 in oil.

In addition the subsidy amount worth Rs.20 will be provided on rice and pulses. With a total subvention in the amount of Rs3.84 billion 2.5 million dollars has been reserved for specific aids. It is the nation’s biggest Ramadan Relief Package to assist residents of the province in rising inflation, which has increased the price of essential items. All you have to do to be eligible for Punjab Ramadan Relief Package is to text your CNIC number via SMS message sent to 8070. Under the Ramadan Relief Package the most deserving families who earn less than the amount of Rs. $60,000 per month, can receive free wheat flour (Ata) in the month of Ramadan.

8070 Ata Registration Online 2023 Free SMS

8070 Free ATTA relief program is a significant decision from the Chief Minister of Punjab to ensure the security of food all through the Holy Month of Ramadan. To facilitate the process of registration, the government has created the Free Online 8070 Web Portal to sign up for the Atta Scheme.

Ehsas Ramadan Rashan Package 2023 8070

Ehsas Ramadan Rashan Program 2023 8070 registration online details can be found here. Prime Minister of Pakistan has announced the launch of the new Ramazan Ehsaas Rashan Program 2023 with the intention of helping the poor and those with low profile. The motive behind the launch of with the Ehsas Rashan program is to raise inflation promptly. The primary benefit of this program is helping those who purchase food items (rashan) at the Karyana Store with a 30 percent discount on four major items such as flour pulses, pulses, and cooking oil ghee.

It is expected that the Ehsaas Ration Program will provide an annual subsidy in the amount of Rs.1000 up to 20 million families in order to purchase essential household items for daily use. A total of 130 million people will benefit from the program. The person has to fill in basic information in the online registration form at ehsasrashan.pass.gov.pk for Ehsas Rashan as;

  • CNIC#
  • Active Mobile Number (Should be Register on Your CNIC)
Item Utility Store Price Utility Store Price for BISP
Atta Rs 648 (10KG) Rs 400 (10KG)
Ghee Rs 375 Per KG Rs 300 Per KG
Sugar(Chine) Rs 89 Per KG Rs 70 Per KG

Terms and Conditions For 8070 Free Atta Scheme

  • The free scheme is available only to those with a household income below 60,000.
  • Candidates need to have an active CNIC number to be able to register.
  • The subsidy is available only for Atta. It is not available for any other food products.
  • Subsidies will be distributed through registered sale points as well as stores for utilities.
  • The grant will not be provided to people who are already receiving food aid from the government.


Is there any fee to register for the ATA scheme?

It’s not true, registration is free of cost.

How long does it take to receive confirmation of my ATA registration?

It generally takes just a few days for authorities to process your application and verify your admissibility.

Can I apply for the subsidy multiple times?

No, farmers are only able to apply for the subsidy one time.

Who is Eligible for the 8070 Ata Registration online?

It is the 8070 Atta Online Registration program is specifically intended for those with low income levels. This scheme also available to applicants who been previously signed up with the Ehsaas program.


Registration to join an account with the ATA scheme is simple, and farmers can register either online or by SMS. This announcement about Ehsaas Rashan Program Registration 2023 Portal Ehsaas Rashan Registration Program 2023 portal was done with the assistance from both the National Bank of Pakistan and the Ehsaas program.

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