Punjab URDU Online 9th Class Test Lesson 2 Mirza Ghalib ki Adaat

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Mirza Ghalib was born in Agra into a family descended from Aibak Turks who moved to Samarkand after the downfall of the Seljuk kings. Mirza Asadullah Baig Khan was a classical Urdu and Persian poet from India during British colonial rule. His also known as 'Mirza Asadullah Khan Galib', 'Mirza Galib', 'Dabir-ul-Mulk' and 'Najm-ud-Daula'. His pen-names was Ghaliband Asad or Asad or Galib.

Mirza Ghalib ki Adaat Lesson 2 URDU Online Test 9th Below

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