Punjab Biology Online 10th Class Test Lesson 4 Support and Movement

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The ability of an living organism to produce response against any stimula are called Irritability it is also called Sensitivity.


Living organism shown the responses towards stimuli are called Movement.

Support in Plant

Plants require proper strength and support it is necessary to maintain their shape, increase in size and keep them straight and strong. The support maintains balance. In plant body support is provided by two ways.

Support and Movement Lesson 4 Biology Online Test 10th Below

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  • Muhammad Mehdi

    Tateny is not a disorder of skeletal muscle while all others are disorders of skeletal muscle So tateny should correct answer

    • samina haneef

      yes tetnay means softening of bones and its cause is lack of calcium ions in blood hence it should the correct answer

    • I got 100% in lesson 4 and the rating is UNBEATABLE I GOT 24 POINTS AND THE GRADE IS A+