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Physics is one of the most important subjects due to its usage in various fields which is why having a good amount of knowledge about its various topics has become extremely important. In order to help our visitors who are going to appear in any Physics subject related written exams, we have provided free online quizzes on our website for preparation which include important questions and answers about various topics.

Modern Physics Online Quiz Test MCQs


1. The year and place when and where A.H. Compton did his scattering experiment are:

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2. When a photo-emissive surface is exposed to light of some suitable frequency:

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3. Quasi-free electrons means:

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4. Compton shift refers to:

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5. The Nobel Prize on the explanation of photoelectric effect was awarded to:

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6. Einstein was awarded Nobel Prize on the basis of:

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7. When X-rays are scattered by loosely bound electrons from a graphite target, it is known as:

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8. The concept of direction is purely:

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9. The part/s of a photocell is/are:

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10. All motions are:

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11. Photoelectrons are emitted when visible light falls on:

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12. The special theory of relativity is based on:

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13. Time:

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14. There is no way to detect:

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15. The year when A.H. compton was awarded Nobel Prize is:

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