Physics Light Online Quiz Test MCQs

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Physics Light Online Quiz Test MCQs


1. Newton’s ring are formed due to:

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2. Polarized light is the one which has its vibrations:

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3. Light waves are:

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4. Light which has the same property in all the directions of vibrations is called:

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5. Light has:

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6. Which of the following cannot be polarized:

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7. Which one of the followings can act approximately as a source of monochromatic light:

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8. Which of the following proves that light waves are transverse in nature:

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9. Wavelength of red colour as compared to that of violet colour is:

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10. Newton’s rings are:

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11. Maximum amount of light passes when polarize and analyzer are oriented such that they are:

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12. The central ring is bright in case of Newton’s rings produced by:

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13. A _______ lens is used in the apparatus to get Newton’s ring.

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14. In Newton’s rings apparatus, we also use:

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15. Light waves are:

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  • Fatima Manzoor

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    wavelenght of red color is greater than violet colour