Physics Heat and Thermodynamics Online Quiz Test MCQs

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Here we have a free online quiz which includes mcqs questions and answers related to the topic of Heat and Thermodynamics . All the individuals who are currently preparing for any physics subject related exam or just want to improve their general knowledge related to this topic, should attempt these tests in order to complete their preparation in a short time period with ease.

Physics Heat and Thermodynamics Online Quiz Test MCQs


1. When two objects come to common temperature, the body is said to be in:

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2. One degree of thermodynamics scale of temperature is called:

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3. Absolute zero is considered as that temperature at which:

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4. A certain engine converts 20% of available heat energy into work. Then its efficiency will be:

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5. For a gas obeying Boyle’s law, if the pressure is doubled the volume becomes:

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6. A gas which strictly obeys the gas laws under all conditions of temperatures and pressure is called:

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7. Hotness or coldness of an object is represented in term of:

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8. When the disorder of the state of system increases, its entropy:

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9. First law of thermodynamics is merely a statement of law of conservation of:

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10. The law of thermodynamics which discusses the condition under which heat energy is converted into an equivalent amount of work is:

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11. The temperature at which all the gases become liquid is called:

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12. In an isothermal process, the internal energy of the system:

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13. Thermal radiations are type of:

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14. Number of spark plugs needed in diesel engine is:

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15. Real gases strictly obey gas laws at:

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