Physics Deformation of Solids Online Quiz Test MCQs

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Here we have a free online quiz which includes mcqs questions and answers related to the topic of Deformation of Solids. All the individuals who are currently preparing for any physics subject related exam or just want to improve their general knowledge related to this topic, should attempt these tests in order to complete their preparation in a short time period with ease.

Physics Deformation of Solids Online Quiz Test MCQs


1. Tick the substance which is not ferromagnetic:

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2. The force which maintains the strict long range order between atoms of a crystalline solids is the:

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3. The transition from solid to liquid is actually from:

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4. Each atom in a metal crystal vibrates about a fixed point with an amplitude that:

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5. The successful theory to explain completely the vast diversity in the electrical behavior of the solids is:

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6. Source of magnetism is:

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7. “All magnetic effects may due to circulating currents (i.e., moving charges).” This idea belongs initially to:

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8. The curie temperature for iron is:

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9. The example of insulator is/are:

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10. Tick the ferromagnetic substance:

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11. The word amorphous means:

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12. Once the stress is increased than UTS, the material falls into the region of:

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13. Tick the material which is not a semi conductor:

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14. The example of conductors is/are:

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15. Zirconia is classified as:

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