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Physics is one of the most important subjects due to its usage in various fields which is why having a good amount of knowledge about its various topics has become extremely important. In order to help our visitors who are going to appear in any Physics subject related written exams, we have provided free online quizzes on our website for preparation which include important questions and answers about various topics.

Physics Current Electricity Online Quiz Test MCQs


1. The voltmeter can read the correct potential difference only when the current drawn by it from the circuit is:

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2. The best conductor is:

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3. An ideal voltmeter has:

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4. No deflection in the galvanometer in a balanced wheat-stone bridge means that the terminals of galvanometer are at:

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5. The practical unit of current is:

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6. As compared to the circuit resistance across which the voltmeter is connected, its resistance should be:

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7. The conventional current is the name given to current due to flow of:

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8. The unit of resistivity is:

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9. Most practical applications of electricity involve:

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10. A current of 1 ampere is passing through a conductor. The charge passing through it in half a minute is:

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11. The current that flows through the coil of a motor causes:

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12. The dissimilar metals joined at their ends kept at constant temperature constitute:

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13. The unit of resistance is:

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14. Which instrument is expensive and difficult to use?

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15. In case of metallic conductors, the charge carries are:

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