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Daily Current Affairs from Pakistan and World Updates

September 2017 Month Daily Updates

World & Pakistan Latest Current Affair

22nd September:-

  • Six killed in unprovoked Indian firing across LoC: ISPR
  • 1st Muharram-ul-Haram – Youm-e-Shahadat of Ameer ul Momeeneen Hazrat Umar Farooq RA
  • Pakistan Hockey Federation announces squad for Asia Cup
  • India vs Australia: India won 2nd ODI by 50 runs
  • Islamic New year 1439 started with its first month Muharam-ul-Haram Today

21th September:-

  • Khalid Latif banned for five years for role in PSL spot-fixing scandal.
  • Pakistan Fiscal Deficit in trade with China soar upto 3Billion Dollar
  • Google honours Noor Jehan on 92nd birthday.
  • Mexico Earthquake: More Than 230 Dead as Buildings Collapse.
  • MS Dhoni nominated for Padma Bhushan by BCCI.
  • Security fears force WCL to move Kenya match to South Africa.
  • Pakistan Stock Market rises up to 93 Points Index.
  • Westindies failed to Qualify Cricket World Cup 2019 directly.
  • International Peace Day is going too observe today

20th September:-

  • Lt Gen Javed Bukhari appointed Colonel Commandant of Engineers Corps
  • New Railways Police IG Mujeebur Rehman takes charge
  • England beat West Indies by seven wickets in first ODI
  • Late Mir Murtaza Bhutto Death Anniversary is going to Observe today.
  • Mexico:Earth Quake with magnitude of 7.1 caused 149 casualities.
  • USA:Senate Passed $700 Billion Defence Spending Bill.
  • Chicago:-Australias Leishman won BMW Championship by Beating Justin Rose.

19th September:-

  • British Cyclist makes International Record by Visiting whole World in 79 Days.
  • Pakistan total Public Ddebt Stands at Rs.19633.5 Billion.
  • Leishman fends off Rose to win BMW Championship
  • Muhammad Irfan returns to domestic cricket after serving his six month ban.
  • Former England Captain Wayne Rooney hit by two-year driving ban after guilty plea

18th September:-

  • Indian Prime Misnister Moodi inagurates the world’s second biggest Water reservoir named “Sardar Server”.
  • T-20 international Cricket Ranking:- Imad Waseem clinch the sixth number.
  • Pakistani Film Sawan Gets Nomination for Oscar Award.
  • South African All Rounder says Good Bye to Test cricket as announced Retirement.

17th September:-

  • Sweden’s Star won the Evian Championship against American Brittany Altomare.
  • India won the First ODI against Australia in Chennai.
  • West Indies Wins T-20 Against England by 21 runs.
  • Pakistan wins 2 Gold Medals in Commonwealth Power Lifting Championship

16th September:-

  • Pakistan Wins Independence Cup against world Eleven by 33 Runs.
  • London:-Explosion took place in Train caused of 22 Injuries.
  • North Korea tests another Ballistic Missile Successfully inspite of UN sactions.
  • Davis Cup:-Pakistan defeats Thailand in two consecutive Tennis Match.

15th September:-

  • Karachi:-Stock Market faces apex in trade as crossed the 42600 Points.
  • Pakistan:-Forex reserves rose up-to 19 Billion Dollar.
  • Paris Gets Hosting responsibility of Olympics after 100 years.
  • International Democracy day is going to observe today.
  • Independence Cup Final between world eleven and Pakistan is going to play in Lahore today.
  • South Africa:-Two Cricket Coaches killed by Unknown Person.

14th September:-

  • Independence Cup:-World Eleven defeats Pakistani cricket team in 2nd T-Twenty.
  • Afghanistan:-Suicide attack near Cricket Stadium in Kabul caused 2 causalities.
  • Pakistani student named keenza Azeemi secure highest award of Oxford University in London.
  • Pakistan Stock Exchange Depicts Bullish in index up-to 1000 points.

13th September:-

  • Lahore:-Pakistan Defeats World Eleven in Independence Cricket Cup.
  • Turkey and Russia comes for mutual agreement of S-400 Missile Technology.
  • Pakistan:-Trade Deficit reaches up to 6 Billion and 30 Million Dollar.
  • Singapore:-Indian Muslim Lady Haleema become First President of Singapore.
  • Asian Bank Approves Loan for Peshawar Rapid Bus Project Amounting 335 Million Rupees.

12th September:-

  • Indendence Cup cricket Match is going to to be played in Lahore between World Eleven and Pakistan.
  • Exports rose up to 25% this fiscal year expediently.
  • Geneva:According to UN Report 3.5 Million Refugee Children do not attend School.
  • Philippines cuts rights body budget up-to $20.
  • UN Security Council voted unanimously to take action against Defiant North Korea.

11th September:-

  • Death Anniversary of Qauid E Azam is going to observe today.
  • England wins the series by Defeating West Indies in 3rd Test Cricket Match.
  • Italy:-various casualties incurred due to devastating flood.
  • 34 Civilians killed in Syria due to Air strike by Russia.

10th September:-

  • Rohingya exodus reaches upto 300,000 into Bangladesh.
  • Pakistan thrash India in Campus Cricket World Final opener.
  • Pakistan:-World Eleven Cricket Match is going to play on 12th September in Lahore
  • Islamabad:- Fire Blurt in Building caused two casualties and record for CPEC burnt.

9th September:-

  • Mexico: Earthquake of 8.2 Magnitude caused of 58 casualties.
  • Lords Test:-James Anderson achieve 500 wickets in Test Cricket.
  • Pakistan:- PM Abbasi Inaugurates 340 MW C-4 Nuclear Power Plant at Chashma.
  • North Korea Announces to continue its Nuclear Program.

8th September:-

  • Renowned Sexual Politics Author Kate Millet dies at the age of 82.
  • UN Report says that more than 250,000 Rohingya Muslims have fled to Bangladesh.
  • North Korea Celebrates largest nuclear test with fire works.
  • Pakistan:- Forex Reserves crosses from the 38 Billion Dollar.

7th September:-

  • India Defeats Sirilanka in T-20 Match.
  • Tenis star Venus Williams became the oldest semi-finalist in US open history at age of 37.
  • Pakistan:- Dr.Syed Imam Kaleem Appointed as Inspector General Motorway Police.
  • Four Pakistani Universities ranked in top 1000 world University Rankings.

6th September:-

  • Pakistan Defense day is going to observe today.
  • USA: Donald Trump cancel amnesty for 800,000 young immigrants.
  • Former Test Cricketer Abdul Razzaq Signs Contract with Afghan Cricket League.
  • Saudi Arabia qualified for the world cup against Japan in Asian Qualifying match.

5th September:-

  • Japan defeats Australia in FIFA Soccer World Cup 2018 Qualifying Series.
  • India: Flood in State Bihar caused of 500 people causalities and sever demolishing.
  • International Charity Day is going to observe Today.
  • Bombay:Bollywood Movie “Gull Makae” on the Life of Youngest Pakistani Nobel award Holder Malala Yousaf Zai Releases.

1st September:-

  • North Korea tests Hydrogen Bomb in spite of UNO sanctions.
  • Nirmala Satharman took oath for Defense Ministry.
  • America threats North Korea For Atomic War.
  • Pakistan:Attack on FC Troops resulted 3 Soldiers Killed and 5 wounded.

31st August:-

  • Bangladesh defeats Australia in the field of Test Cricket Match.
  • Syria: 64 killed in clashes occurred between Syria and Islamic State Group.
  • Security Council accepts the proposal against North Korea Missile Policy.
  • West Indies gets remarkable victory over England in Second Test.

30th August:-

  • Afghanistan:-31 causalities placed due to Airstrike by Afghan Air Force.
  • North Korea tests atomic Missile successfully.
  • Pakistan:- Deficit reaches up-to $ 2 billion as per State Bank of Pakistan Statement.
  • Foreign Direct Investment hike up-to $2.4 billion during Current Fiscal Year Investment.

29th August:-

  • Pakistan:- Latest Consensus records the population of Pakistan as 207,774,520.
  • Iraq:- Car Bomb Blast caused of 12 causalities and 26 wounded.
  • International day against Nuclear Tests is going to observe today.
  • India:-Sikh Leader Gurmeet Ram Sentenced for 20 years.


28th August:-

  • India defeats Sirilanka by 3-0 in One Day International.
  • Occupied Kashmir:- Eight Soldiers Killed by freedom fighters.
  • North Korea tests 3 ballistic Missile successfully.
  • India:- 35 People killed due to strikes and worst law and order situation
  • Kolumpur: Philippine Boxer John Marveen won Light Heavy Weight Title.

26th August:-

  • Afghanistan: Suicide attack by militants caused causalities of 15 soldiers and 19 wounded.
  • International Scarf Day shall be observe on 4th September.
  • American Boxer May Weder won the Super and most expensive fight against Con Gregor.
  • Saudi Arabia:-2 Million Pilgrims reaches to Mecca this year.
  • Turkey Dismisses over 900 Public Sector Workers.
  • Saudi Arabia: 26 Pakistani Hajj Pilgrims Buried Medina in due to natural causes

25th August:-

  • Cristiano Ronaldo and Liki Martens wins the UEFA player of the year Award.
  • India Defeats Sirilanka in second ODI by 3 wickets.
  • Death Toll Reaches up-to 2000 in South Asia due to heavy Floods
  • Renowned Cricketer Star Du Plessi will lead World Eleven against Pakistan.
  • Forex reserves crosses the limit of 20 billion Dollars again.
  • Pakistan: Dr. kaleem Imam Appointed as IG National Highways & Motorway Police.

24th August:-

  • Pakistan: Khurram Humayon appointed as Accountant General Revenue.
  • Afghanistan:Suicide attack at Police Headquarter caused 10 causalities and 40 wounded.
  • Pakistan Qualifies for 2018 Hockey world Cup.
  • Pakistan:60 Million people are at risk of arsenic poisoning.
  • Three Pakistani Women Conquer 5,500 meter Kuksil Peak.

23rd August:-

  • Pakistan:Renowned Educationist Adeeb Jadowani Passes away at the age of 75.
  • Pakistan Sirilanka Cricket series is going to start in Lahore from 28th September,2017.
  • US Train Crashes as 45 people died and 35 injured.
  • Syria: 170 people died due to Air strike of USA.

22nd August:-

  • Israel: Supereme Court issues warrant for arresting of Prime Minister.
  • Kyrgyzstan Prime Minister Sariyev Resigns after cabinet accused of Corruption.
  • India: 255 people died in result of devastating Flood in Bihar.
  • Pakistan Stock Exchange dropped up-to 925 Points which is the sign of major slump.

21st August:-

  • Pakistan Circular Debt increased as deficit reaches up-to 803 Billion Rupees.
  • Iran Makes Bilateral Agreement with Russia for Food and Oil supply.
  • Pakistan Railway Debt Enhances Up to 2 Billion Rupees.
  • India Defeats Sirilanka in 1st One Day International

20th August:-

  • Pakistan:- Highest Military award Holder Rashid Minhas Martyred anniversary is going to observe today.
  • India:-25 People dead in result of train collision.
  • Pakistan Stock Market Crashes and slump in business activity and Four Trillion Rupees Drowned.

19th August:-

  • Sierra Leone: 450 people died due to devastating flood and storm.
  • Pakistan Installs 126 km long Fence and and Gate at mutual border.
  • Pakistani Film Sawan gets its place into nomination list for Oscar Award.
  • Barcelona:- 5 Terrorist killed by police and make the plot for terrorism Unsuccessful as well

18th August:-

  • Nobel Award Holder Pakistani Malala Yousaf Zai gets admission in Oxford University.
  • Pakistan stock Market Crashes again upto 1050 Points caused of 20 trillion Rupees.
  • Barcelona:Terrorists Attacked on General Public through Raming VAN over Crowd, resulted 13 people died.
  • India:600 people died due to swine Flu Disease.
  • Saudi Arabia Permits Qatri Pilgrims to perform Hajj.

17th August:-

  • Nigeria:-Suicide attack on refugees camp caused of 28 causalities and 80 wounded.
  • Pakistan:- Ex-President General Zia-ul-Haq 29th death Anniversary is going to observe today.
  • Highest Flag of South Asia wavering in Pakistan at wahga Border Lahore.
  • Size of Largest National Flag of Pakistan kept as 400 Feet.
  • Pakistani Mother Teresa Late Dr.Ruth Pfau died at the age of 87.

16th August:-

  • Microsoft Bill gates donates 5% of his assets amounting $4.6bn as charity.
  • Pakistan:-Death Anniversary of Legend Star Nusrat Fateh Ali khan is going to observe today.
  • Nepal 115 people died due to heavy flood and landsliding.
  • Afghanistan:-Suicide Attack in Kabul caused of 5 causalities and 20 wounded.
  • Saudi Arabia opens boarder for mutual trade between Kuwait after 27 years.
  • Samir Iftekhar wins the Pacific North West open tennis Title held in Washington.

15th August:-

  • Sirilanka defeats India in all three test cricket matches.
  • Paris:- French Football Club Paris Saint Germane defeats the Guingamp.
  • Yemen roadside bomb attacked cause of 12 killings.
  • Burkina Faso:- Attack On Restaurant caused of 18 killings

14th August:-

  • Pakistan:-Suicide Bomb Attack in Quetta caused of 15 casualties and 25 wounded.
  • Pakistan Independence day is going to observe today.
  • Flood Killed 175 people in India Nepal and Bangladesh.
  • Iran enhances the defense production despite of US sanctions.

12th August:-

  • Pakistan:- Bomb Exploit in Bajore caused of 5 causalities and 25 wounded.
  • Minorities Day observed in Pakistan yesterday.
  • World Athletic Championship of 200 Meter Race won by Turkey.
  • Egypt Train Collision killed 37 people and 70 injured.
  • Pakistan:-National Tennis Academy inaugurated in Islamabad by the Federal Government.

11th August:

  • Pakistan’s Leprosy Fighter Dr. Ruth fau Passes away at the age of 88.
  • Pakistan won the world Snooker Championship held in Egypt.
  • Brad Haddin joined the Australian team as Fielding Coach.
  • Pakistan:-Two Cities as Multan and Faisalabad selected for hosting National T20 Cup.

10th August:-

  • Pakistan:-PAF Jet Prolapsed in Mianwali Caused of Pilot Death.
  • Iran:-Hassan Rohani nominates 2 women as vice President.
  • Qatar offers Visa-Free Entry to 80 nationalities.
  • Pakistan:- 3 soldiers and 1 Major Martyred during operation in Upper Dir.
  • UEFA Super Cup:- Real Madrid beats Manchester United by 2-1.

9th August:-

  • China:- 30 causalities occurred due to devastating Earthquake.
  • World’s Book Day is going to observe today.
  • London:-Justin Gatlin beats Usain Bolt in Final 100m race.
  • Pakistan Continues as Number 6 in test ranking by ICC.
  • Pakistan Cricket Board appoints Najam Sethi as Chairman PCB.

8th  August:-

  • Pakistan:-Explosion in Lahore caused of 1 causality and 35 wounded.
  • England defeats South Africa in test series.
  • World’s Cats Day is going to observe today.
  • North Korea Denounces the UN Sanctions.
  • Vietnam: 26 killed due to landslides and Floods.
  • Iran signs ever biggest car deal with France’s Renault.
  • China also intended to leave the North Korea Alone at sanctions issue made by UN.

7th August:-

  • State Bank of Pakistan Issues License to Bank of China.
  • Floods in Vietnam Killed 26 persons.
  • Afghanistan:- Militants killed 50 people in barbaric attack.
  • Saudi Arabia launches Luxury Red Sea Beach Resort.
  • South Korea also agree to put sanctions on North Korea.

5th August:-

  • UN imposes More sanctions on North Korea.
  • World Six Red Ball Snooker:-Pakistani Player Babar Maseeh reaches into Semi-Final.
  • USA:- Bomb Attack at mosque in Manifesta state.
  • Iran:- 2 rebels killed in border Clash.
  • International Boxer Amir khan gives divorce to his spouse Faryal Makhdoom.

4th August:-

  • OSLO:-Pakistani Female Football team gets 1st success in Norway Cup.
  • Pakistan:- Khawaja Asif becomes Foreign Minister while Ahsan Iqbal takes the Federal interior Portfolio.
  • Saudi Arabia:- Worlds First Government Camel Club established.
  • Iran:- President Hassan Rouhani starts his second term.
  • Pakistani Batsman secures 6th position in ICC player ranking.

3rd August:-

  • Pakistan:- Mountaineer Uzma Yousaf becomes first lady by touching the spantik Peak.
  • US veils Ban travel to North Korea.
  • Qatar announces $5.9 Billion for warship from Italy.
  • USA imposes more sanctions on Russia.

2nd August:-

  • Shahid Khaqan Abbasi appointed as newly elected Prime Minister of Pakistan.
  • 3 persons martyred in occupied Kashmir as result of chemical attack by Indian Troops.
  • China opens first overseas base in Africa.
  • A-Triangular Cricket Series:- India defeats Afghanistan by 113 runs.
  • Afghanistan:-Suicide Attack placed in Mosque,caused 30 causalities.

1st August:-

  • South Africa Defeated England Consecutively in 3rd Cricket Test Match.
  • Second Moon Eclipse shall be observed on 7th August,2017
  • Pakistan open tennis championship won by Aqeel khan and Oshna Sohail.
  • India beats Sirilanka in 1st cricket test match by 304 score respectively.

31st July:-

  • Mother of the Nation Fatima Jjinah’s Birthday celebrated with great zeal and zest.
  • India:-21 people killed in result of lightning and thunderstorm.
  • Qatar accuses Saudi Arab for hampering its Haj Pilgrims.
  • Somalia:-5 dead and 10 wounded in result of Blast.
  • Sirilanka signs $ 1 Billion port deal with china.

30th July:-

  • Russian President Putin Orders 755 US diplomats to leave the Russia.
  • USA Successfully tests missile interception system.
  • British Govt veil complete banned on 150 jihadists of Citizenship.
  • Kenya:- Deputy President’s seriously inured by the attack of his own gunmen.

29th July:-

  • Prime Minister disqualified under Article 62 and 63.
  • North Korea tests another Ballistic Missile successfully.
  • USA:-Senate Passes Bill for Imposition of sanctions on North Korea,Russia and Iran.
  • Pakistani Cricketer Fakharuzaman establishes agreement with English County Summer Set.
  • India:- Flood in Gujrat caused of 120 people causalities.

28th July:-

  • Pakistan:-PM Nawaz Sharif has been Disqualified against Panama Case.
  • World Hepatitis Day is going to observe today.
  • Iran launches Sattelitte rocket named “smog” into space.
  • USA beat Jamaica by 2-1 win 6th Concacaf Golden Cup.
  • Hungry:-Spanish Star Mireia Belmonte won the women’s 200m butterfly title at world championship.

27th July:-

  • UK:- Pakistani Bright Student got the title “Engineer of the year”.
  • Afghanistan:-Militants attacked at crops base and Killed 40 Soldiers.
  • Panama Opens Embassy in Beijing.
  • Germany beats Russia by 2-0 in women’s Euro Quarter Final.

26th July:-

  • Capt(retd) Arif Nawaz Khan appointed as I.G Punjab Police.
  • Sirilanka:-300 people died because of Dengue Fever.
  • India is going to host Worlds Boxing Championship.
  • Pakistan:-PM Nawaz Sharif makes various Bilateral Agreements with Maldives.

25th July:-

  • Pakistan:- 26 causalities incurred in result of Suicide attack in Lahore.
  • Afghanistan:- Suicide attack snatches 40 innocent lives.
  • Pakistan Cricket Board Receives Prize of Amounting $2200,000 from ICC.

24th July:-

  • Pakistani Tennis Star Assam ul haq wins half of fame tennis tournament.
  • England won the Women Cricket world Cup for forth time.
  • Pakistani wrestler Anayat Ullah got Silver Medal in Asian Cadet Wrestling Championship.
  • Afghanistan:-At least 12 killed in Car Bomb

22nd July:-

  • Renowned Mathematician Maryam Meerza Khani died in USA.
  • Pakistan:-Zafar Abdullah appointed as SECP Chairman by Federal Govt.
  • Iran announces new missile Production line.
  • British keeps GSP Plus status of Pakistan continued.

21st July:-

  • According to Supreme Court decision Travelling Sanctions continued on 7 Islamic countries by USA.
  • Pakistan:- Forex Reserves dropped up to Rs.61 Billion Dollar.
  • Afghanistan:-Bomb Blast caused of 25 Causalities.
  • India reaches into final by defeating Australia in Women Cricket.
  • London:-Pakistani talented Student got First Position in ACA Exam among 170 Countries.

20th July:-

  • Pakistani Economy Gets 25th rank of the World.
  • Pakistan takes 6th Position in International Test Cricket Ranking.
  • Pakistani telented student Maha Ayub wins Bronze in International Chemistry Olympiad.
  • Earth quake recorded in Peshawar and its surroundings at magnitude of 5.4.

19th July:-

  • USA imposes various economical sanctions on Iran.
  • Colombo Test:- Sirilanka defeats Zimbabwe by 4 wickets.
  • England reaches into Final by defeating South Africa in women Final World Cup.
  • China:-Nobel peace prize Laureate Liu Xiaobo died due to liver cancer.
  • Ukraine:- Rebels announces new state.

18th July:-

  • China:- 18 people Died due to recent flood.
  • Tennis Player Caroline Wozniacki gets No 1 on international Ranking Board.
  • Suicide attack on FC Troops by Militants in Peshawar caused 4 Soldiers Martyred.
  • Los angles:- Oscar Award holder Martin Lando died at the age of 89 years.
  • Pakistan:- 2 New Districts added in Baluchistan Province.
  • Death Anniversary of Shahnawaz Bhutto is going to observe today.
  • Pakistan:- Usman Khattak takes permanent charge of Inspector General (IG) Police Punjab

17th July:-

  • Four Pak Soldier Martyred due to firing of indian troops at LOC.
  • India:- 16 Hindu Pilgrims Killed in Bus Crash.
  • Iranian President’s brother arrested for financial violations.
  • Muguruza stuns Venus wins First Wimbledon title.

16th July:-

  • French National is going to observe today.
  • Swiss Star Roger Federer won historic Wimbledon open title for 8th time.
  • Pakistan Stock Market suffering major crashes.
  • Sirilanka defeated Pakistan in Women World Cricket Cup.

15th July:-

  • Turkey Dismissed 7 thousand police and soldiers under state emergency.
  • Afghan IS leader Abu Sayed killed in US raid.
  • French’s Annual Bastille Day was observed yesterday with zeal and zest
  • London:- Open tennis 7th Time Champion Roger Federer reached into 11th Wimbledon Final.

14th July:-

  • Mcrosoft launches Application for Blind peoples named Seeing All.
  • Pakistan wins Squash Series against world Eleven by 3-2.
  • India:- 40 people died and 2500 houses demolished due to heavy flood and rain.
  • Afghanistan:-10 Militants killed as in result of US drone attacks.

13th July:-

  • Pakistan Nominee Khalid Mehboob elected Chairperson of Food Agriculture Organization FAO.
  • India:- Ravi Shastri appointed as new Cricket Team Coach.
  • Malala Yousafzai celebrated her 20th Birthday yesterday.
  • Facebook Launches advertisement section in its messenger application.
  • Australia defeats India in International champion Women world Cup.

12th July:-

  • IS Commander Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi Killed in Iraq by Forces attack.
  • Prince Agha khan is opening a yearlong Jubilee to mark his 60th anniversary.
  • US: 16 dead in military plane crash.
  • West Indies defeats Pakistan in women cricket World Cup 2017.

11th July:-

  • Pakistan:-Muhammad Naseem wins World Under-18 Snooker Championship.
  • Pakistan secures direct access for Cricket World Cup 2019.
  • Death Anniversary of famous Urdu poet Qateel Shifai is going to observe today

10th July:-

  • Pakistan:- Kurram Agency Blast caused of 3 FC Personnel Killed and 5 Injured.
  • Pakistan releases 78 Indian Fishermen against sea boundary violation.
  • Japan:- Death Toll Reaches 20 due to Flood.
  • Pakistan Summons India’s Deputy High Commissioner for 2nd time.

9th July:-

  • Madar e Millat Fatima Jinnah 50th Death Anniversary is going to observe today.
  • Indian Forces Shelling at LOC caused 4 Women martyred.
  • Pakistan wins Asian Snooker Championship.
  • London:-New Zealand defeats Pakistan in Women Cricket World Cup.

8th July:-

  • Pakistan: Death Anniversary of Abdul Sattar Eidhi is going to observe today.
  • Kashmir:-Freedom Fighters leader Burhan Wani Martyred this day.
  • Syria:- 600 Civilians killed by Coalition strikes.
  • Pakistani Star Asaam-ul-haq reaches into second round of open Tennis championship in Wimbledon.
  • United Nations: 122 countries adopt globally treaty on banning nuclear weapons.

7th July:-

  • Pakistan: Tariq Bajwa appointed as New Governor of State Bank of Pakistan SBP.
  • Sports:-New Zealand defeats West Indies in women Cricket World Cup.
  • Pakistan: Prime Minister inaugurates the Power Plant capacity of 760 MW in Hawaili Bahdur Shah.
  • State Bank of Pakistan: Dollar Reaches back at its prior position of Rs.105/-
  • Pakistan: New Companies are being registered under SECP with an increase of 34% as to prior year.
  • Humbantoota:- Sirilanka defeats Zimbabwe from 8 wickets in 3rd ODI.
  • Pakistan Excluded from World Snooker Championship.

6th July:-

  • Pakistan:-Foreign Debt Increases by $300 Billion as Dollar rate soars by Rs.4.00.
  • Pakistan gets double title by defeating India in International Badminton.
  • Pakistan tests Ballistic Missile named Nasar successfully.
  • Australia beats Pakistan in Women Cricket World Cup.

5th July:-

  • UNESCO Declares Palestine as occupied Country by Israel.
  • North Korea tests Ballistic Missile successfully.
  • Sirilanka:- 230 people died due to Dengue Fever.
  • Sports: Pakistani cricketer Sarfraz ahmed will lead as captain in test series.
  • Blast in Bangladesh caused 10 causalities.

4th July:-

  • India: Narindar Modi Set to become first indian Prime Minister to Visit Israel.
  • Iraq: 14 killed in suicide bomb attack.
  • Iran’s supreme leader Khamemei supports Kashmir issue.
  • India Violates Border Agreement made in 1890 with China.

3rd July:-

  • Saudi Arabia imposes tax amounting 100 Riyal on foreigners including Pakistanis
  • Iran makes agreement with France amounting $ 5 Billion for gas provision.
  • Women World Cup: India defeats Pakistan and West Indies respectively.
  • Pakistan Annual Olympic Association announces youth games.

2nd July:-

  • India Makes Defense agreement amounting 1.4 Billion with US.
  • Yemen:-1500 People died with attack of Cholera.
  • Pakistan reaches into semi final by Defeating India in Asian Snooker Championship.

1st July:-

  • Germany defeats Mexico in Confederation Cup Football.
  • International Athletics removes Ban from Bangladesh.
  • Pakistan Current GDP stands at 5.3% according to State bank Of Pakistan.
  • British Prime Minister Theresa May Gets Vote of Confidence from Parliament.
  • Asian Development Bank approves loan amounting $335 Million  for development in Pakistan.

30th June:-

  • Russia Puts Sanctions on European Union till 2018.
  • Pakistan gave 170 educational scholarships to talented students of Srilanka.
  • Qatar Refuses to accept demands of all Golf Countries.
  • All Economical Sanctions have been removed from Iran.

29th June:-

  • Pakistan, China & Afghanistan agree on 7 Points Agenda of Development.
  • 12 Dead as chairlift falls in Murree.
  • China:- 15 dead and 135 persons missed in land sliding also 62 houses demolished.
  • India Defeats Pakistan in Hockey world cup during Qualifying round.

25th June:-

  • Pakistan:- Eid Ul Fitar is going to observed in whole country.
  • In ICC champions Trophy 2017 Pakistani Cricket Player Received ICC Golden Ball Awad.
  • Pakistan:-160 Causalities occurred due to Oil Tanker accident.
  • Sports:In ICC Champions Trophy 2017 Indian Player Shekhar Dhawan got ICC Golden Bat Award.

24th June:-

  • Washington:-North Korea tests rocket engine.
  • Syria:- 472 Civilians dead in month US-led Strike
  • Iraq:- Suicide attack in Baghdad caused 12 causalities and 20 injured.
  • Today Wifi World day is going to observe.

23rd June:-

  • Pakistan:- Explosion takes place in Quetta near IG office, leaves 2 dead & 5 Injured.
  • Asian Development Bank (ADB) Approves 3 Billion Dollar Loan For Pakistan.
  • Pakistan:- Indian Raw Agent Appeal of mercy from Army Chief Pakistan.
  • Sports:-Big 3 Demolishes & Afghanistan as well as  Ireland gets the Test Status.
  • World Hockey League:- Argentine defeats Pakistan in Quarter Final.
  • Women Cricket World Cup Practice match Australia beats Pakistan & South Africa defeats West indies.
  • 23 NGO’s Barred from operating in Pakistan.

22nd June:-

  • World Camel Day is going to observe today.
  • Agreement of 100 Million Dollar of Credit Facility made between Pakistan & France.
  • Sports: Varinder Sehwag appointed as New Cricket Coach of Indian Cricket Team.
  • Pakistan: Pakistan Cricket Board appoints Sarfraz Ahmed as captain Test Team.

21st June:-

  • Pakistan: Prime Minister announces  10 million rupees for each Player of Pakistani Cricket Team.
  • World Hockey League: Pakistan Reaches in Quarter Final.
  • ICC women world cup: Pakistan defeats west-indies.
  • Somalia: Bomb Blast caused of 15 killings.

20th June:-

  • Pakistan National Hockey Team defeats Scotland by 3-1 in World Cup Qualifying Round.
  • Portugal: Death Toll reaches 62 in forest fire.
  • Pakistan: 425,000 Civilians are living under Indian threat at LOC.
  • Nigeria: Five Female Suicide Bombers killed 12 and 11 wounded badly.
  • Pakistan Forex reserves reaches at 3 Billion dollar.

19th June:-

  • Pakistan becomes Champion after defeating India in ICC Champions Trophy.
  • Yemen: 25 Yemenis killed in Saudi-led coalition airstrike.
  • World Hockey League: India Defeats Pakistan from 7-1.
  • Afghanistan: 5 militants killed during Police Headquarter attack by afghan forces.

18th June:-

  • Today world’s Father Day is going to observe at global level.
  • US President Donald Trump Revoke all agreements with Cuba which were in Obama’s reign
  • Recently Iran and china Conducts Naval Drill in Gulf.
  • South America: Blast in Columbia Shopping Mall caused 3 women’s death.

17th June:-

  • Pakistan signs loan agreement with Asian Development Bank Amounting 3 Billion Dollar.
  • India: 6 persons convicted in Mumbai Blasts by Court.
  • United Nations: New world Body’s Counter-Terrorism office established.
  • US sending four thousand more troops in Afghanistan.
  • Pakistan makes Agreement with World Bank of $3 Million Loan for energy sector.

16th June:-

  • China:Bomb Blast caused 7 killed and 66 injured in Nursery School.
  • Pakistan: Baluchistan unveils Budget of Rs.328/- Billion
  • India Defeats Bangladesh in Semi Final of ICC Champions Trophy.
  • Pakistan Prime Minister appears before Joint investigation team JIT upon Panama issue.
  • China launches its 1st X-ray Space telescope.

15th June:-

  • Pakistan won Semi-Final by defeating England in ICC Champions Trophy.
  • Blood Donor Day is going to observe today in all over the world.
  • Pakistan:US Drone attack kills Haqani Group Commander in Orakzai Agency
  • London: Fire broke out in Grenfell Tower, caused many buildings demolished.
  • Bangladesh: 156 people died due to Heavy Flood.

14th June:-

  • Iran Qualify for 2018 FIFA world Cup.
  • US imposes more sanctions on Russia.
  • Afghanistan gets $520 Million aid from UNO.
  • Oil Prices Rises in international Market.

13th June:-

  • Pakistan Reaches into Semi-Final by defeating Srilanka.
  • State Bank of Pakistan issues new currency notes through online Service.
  • Norway puts Ban on full-face veils in Schools.
  • Turkish Red Crescent sends $7 million aid to Syria.
  • Earth quake with Magnitude 6.5 hits Turkeys’s West Coast.
  • Punjab Assembly approves Rs.1.97 trillion Budget for Fiscal year 2017-2018.

12th June:-

  • China Luanches Highest Military award named Order of August One.
  • Libyan Dictator Moammar Qadafi’s Son Saif ul islam Released after 5 years detention.
  • India releases 11 Pakistani prisoners recently in a goodwill gesture.
  • Today Amjad’s Sabri First Death Anniversary is going to observe today.

11th June:-

  • Russia 5 peron killed in terrorist activity.
  • Various trade agreements have been signed between Chia and kazikstan worth of $8 billion Rupees.
  • ICC Champions Trophy England Defeats Australia from 4 wickets.
  • Pakistan: JIT Calls PM Nawaz Sharif for Panama.

10th June:-

  • Pakistan Become the Member of Shinning Cooperation Organization SCO.
  • Bangladesh beats New Zealand from 5 wickets in ICC Champions Trophy.
  • Iraq: 31 people killed in 2 suicide attacks outside karbala.
  • Pakistan Ranked 4th most unsafe country for tourists.
  • London:12 Pakistanis won seats in UK General Elections.

9th June:-

  • Sirilanka Defeats India in Champions Trophy Match.
  • Yemen Cholera cases reaches 100,000 according to WHO report.
  • US Ban for use of Laptops on 71 Airports.
  • Blast in India as 25 killed in Factory.
  • North Korea Fires Volley of Cruise missile as fifth test in a Month.

8th June:-

  • Iran: Suicide Attack in Parliament Caused 13 Causalities.
  • Champions Trophy match: Pakistan defeats South Africa from 19 runs.
  • Pakistan: KPK Govt Presents Rs 603 Billion Tax free Budget.
  • British Parliament Elections are gong to observe today between Labor and Conservative Party.

7th June:-

  • Afghanistan: Bomb Blast in the city of Haraat caused 15 causalities and 25 injured.
  • Nepal:Sher Bahadur Deuba elected as new Prime Minister for 3rd time.
  • Iraq: Daish killed 163 Innocent Civilians.
  • England defeats New Zealand from 87 runs in Champion trophy

6th June:-

  • China:Blast in Petrochemical Plant kills 8 people.
  • Nepal and China Sign Mega Hydro power agreement in Kathmandu.
  • Montenegro becomes Nato’s 29th Member.
  • Italy’s Queen of Cashmere Biagiotti dies at the age of 73.
  • Indian Space Research Organization successfully Launched India Brand New and heaviest rocket.

5th June:-

  • Six Islamic Countries Bahrain,UAE,Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Libya and Yamen Cut the diplomatic relation with Qatar.
  • London 7 killed in Brutal Terrorism activity.
  • India Beats Pakistan from 124 scores in ICC champion trophy.
  • Italy: 1500 people injured in Debacle during champions League Final.

4th June:-

  • Line of Control Pakistani army retaliated as 5 indian soldiers killed.
  • Pakistan: Punjab Budget is allocated for Education is 17.5%.
  • Shah Salman Declared Respectable Islamic Personality.
  • Pakistan Cricket Board PCB Denies to Play Series with Afghanistan.

3rd June:-

  • Manchester United club is named as most precious Football Club in the world.
  • Rial Madrid wins the tittle of champions League for continuously 3rd time.
  • Iran: 37 Injured and 2 killed in Gas Leak Blast.
  • UN Security Council has expanded North Korea blacklisting.
  • Valletta:- Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat won a second term in parliamentary election.

2nd June:-

  • England Beats Bangladesh from 8 wickets.
  • UN General Assembly Elects Lajcak as next President.
  • International Journalism Award 2017 goes to Pakistani Film Maker Sharmain Obaid Chinoy.
  • Saudi Arabia: Blast in city of Qateef caused of 2 Causalities.
  • Italy’s Queen of Cashmere Biagiotti dies at the age of 73.

1st June:-

  • India and Spain makes 7 Bilateral Agreements in Madrid
  • Pakistan: Over 300 Industrial Units closed in KPK due to Power Shortage.
  • Philippine Islamic militants have been killed in Urban battle by Troops.
  • Pakistani cricketer Adbul Razaq announces Retirement from International Cricket.
  • Afghanistan: A massive blast in Diplomatic Quarter caused of 100 Causalities and 450 injured.

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