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To get the Online Preparations for the Pakistan Army Force so you are on right place because here you can get the online preparation free of cost by . Pak Army Intelligence ISSB Online Test For Preparations, Sample, Model Papers, Then you must attempt our these online test because these tests will be very helpful to you.

All of These test are made by the recommenced books and the pattern of these are according to the Army Test so we are sure that these test will help you to preparation. One of the best feature is that you can get get these test and attempt at your home because we are providing you this service at the door step.

Join Pakistan Army Tests Preparations Online

General Knowledge Tests

Ranks and Badges Order

Pakistan Forces GK Test 1

Pakistan Forces GK Test 2

Pakistan Forces GK Test 3

Armed Forces Abbreviations Test 1

Armed Forces Abbreviations Test 2

Islamic General Knowledge Test 1

Islamic General Knowledge Test 2

Islamic General Knowledge Test 3

Islamic General Knowledge Test 4

Islamic General Knowledge Test 5

Intelligence Tests

Intelligence Computerized Initial Test 1

Intelligence Computerized Initial Test 2

Intelligence Computerized Initial Test 3

Intelligence Computerized Initial Test 4

Intelligence Computerized Initial Test 5

Intelligence Computerized Initial Test 6

Intelligence Computerized Initial Test 7

Intelligence Computerized Initial Test 8

Intelligence Computerized Initial Test 9

Intelligence Computerized Initial Test 10

Intelligence Computerized Initial Test 11

Intelligence Computerized Initial Test 12

Intelligence Computerized Initial Test 13

Intelligence Computerized Initial Test 14

Intelligence Computerized Initial Test 15

Intelligence Computerized Initial Test 16

Non Verbal Intelligence Tests

Non Verbal Intelligence Test 1

Non Verbal Intelligence Test 2

Non Verbal Intelligence Test 3

Non Verbal Intelligence Test 4

Non Verbal Intelligence Test 5

Non Verbal Intelligence Test 6

Non Verbal Intelligence Test 7

Non Verbal Intelligence Test 8

Non Verbal Intelligence Test 9

Non Verbal Intelligence Test 10

Pattern Test 1

Pattern Test 2

Analogy Test 1

Analogy Test 2

Analogy Test 3

Analogy Test 4

Non Verbal Classification

Completion of Series Test 1

Completion of Series Test 2

Completion of Series Test 3

Physics Tests

Physics Test 1

Physics Test 2

Physics Test 3

Physics Test 4

Physics Test 5

Physics Test 6

Chemistry Tests

Fundamental Concepts

States of Matter

Atomic Structure

Chemical Bonding

Chemical Energetics

Transition Elements


Alcohols & Phenols

Aldehydes & Ketones

Elements of Biological Importance






Chemical Equilibrium

Alkyl Halides

Reaction Kinetics

Fundamental Principles

Carboxylic Acid & Amino Acids

Math Tests

Basic Math Test 1

Basic Math Test 2

Word Problems

Triangles Geometry

Ratio and Proportion

Square Root and Cube

Decimals and Fractions

Time, Distance and Work





Simple Interest


Whole Numbers

Profit and Loss Math

English Tests

Preposition Test 1

Preposition Test 2

Antonyms Test 1

Antonyms Test 2

Vocabulary Test 1

Vocabulary Test 2

Correct Use of Tenses

One Word Substitution Test 1

One Word Substitution Test 2

Correction of Sentences Test 1

Correction of Sentences Test 2

Active Passive Voice Test 1

Active Passive Voice Test 2

Fill in the Blanks Test 1

Fill in the Blanks Test 2

Analogy Test 1

Analogy Test 2

Grammar Test 1

Grammar Test 2

Synonyms Test 1

Synonyms Test 2

Use of Synonyms

Punctuation Test 1

Punctuation Test 2

Idioms and Phrases Test 1

Idioms and Phrases Test 2

English Words Spelling Test 1

English Words Spelling Test 2

Nearest in Meaning Test 1

Nearest in Meaning Test 2

Pakistan GK Tests

Missiles of Pakistan

Rivers of Pakistan

Desert of Pakistan

Area of Pakistan

Pakistani Flag and Emblem

National Anthem of Pakistan

Presidents of Pakistan

Prime Ministers of Pakistan

Largest in Pakistan

Highest in Pakistan

Pakistan Districts

Pakistan Geography

Pakistan Population

Nishan-e-Haider Holders

Languages of Pakistan

Pakistan Political Parties

Mountains/Ranges of Pakistan

History of Pakistan From 1947

Pakistan Military Awards

Dams in Pakistan

Pakistan Cities

Pakistan Atmoic Power

Pakistan Power Resources

Agriculture in Pakistan

Famous People of Pakistan

National Assembly of Pakistan

Who is Who in Pakistan

Presidents of Pakistan

Prime Ministers of Pakistan

Chiefs of Army Staff

Chiefs of Naval Staff

Chiefs of Air Staff

Chief Ministers of Punjab

Chief Ministers of Sindh

Chief Ministers of KPK

Chief Ministers of Balochistan

Chief Justices of Pakistan

World GK Tests

World Continents

Countries Official Languages

Parliaments of Countries

World Largest Countries

World Records

Famous Inventors

Universe Basic Info

World Important Days

World General Knowledge

First in the World

Top Secret Agencies

Countries Military Awards

Internet Basic Info

Famous Discoveries and Inventions

Wonders of the World

Largest in the World

Religions of the World

Richest/Poorest Countries


  • madiha

    plzzzzzzzzzzzz can anyone tell me about afns first test mine test is on 19 sep……….plzzz tell me soon frndzzz

    • Bano Qusia

      it includes screening test n medical test… test is on same date with u

  • Zulakha Bibi

    i like pak army. plz give me a one chance.

  • hareem zainab

    plz anbody tell me about afns test my test date is 9sep plz guid me if anyone know about this test rply me as soon as possible

    • maryam sohail

      what kind of help do u want?

      • Bano Qusia

        first test would b screening test…including verble, non verble n academic 300 mcqs in one hour you have to done at least 100 right answer.

      • Bano Qusia

        now please tell me about physical test

        • maryam sohail

          it includes eye test, height n weight

          • Bano Qusia

            actually i want to know about number of push ups, chin ups and sit ups?

          • Asad Malik

            1.5 km running . 15 push ups and sit ups, 3 chin ups also 5’4” ditch crossing .

          • Sadia Kanwal

            esa kch b nh hota just eye test must have 6/6 eyesight with or without glasses…. height must be 5 feet nd weight … srf ye 3 chezein hti hn meri ho chuki hn 7sep ko test tha mera

          • madiha

            hi sister

          • madiha

            i want to ask some questions plzzzzzz ans me sis

          • Arfa Shykh

            aoa plz guide me about afns test if u can

    • Bano Qusia

      my test is on 19 sep but i know about first test which is screening test test this include verble, non-verble and academic 300 mcqs .you have to do at-least 100 right answer to move ahead in onr hour

      • ambreen fatima

        what kind of acadmic test involved
        which subjects are followed and any special book for prepration????
        please tell me
        my test is on 7 sep

        • Bano Qusia

          general knowledge of all type…..please share ur experience after test

        • Arfa Shykh

          aoa guide me about afns test plz ……………….

      • Arfa Shykh

        aoa can u guide me about afns test plz my test is on 20 sep

    • Arfa Shykh

      can you guid me about afns test plz

    • Arfa Shykh


    • Arfa Shykh

      aoa plz tell me about afns test as soon as possible m waiting yr reply ………..

    • Arfa Shykh

      asssalamualaikm listen plz i waana knom about afns test ap plz mj bta dain k test main kya kya tha mera test 20 sep ko hai plz reply to guide me its my humble request plzzzzzzz……..,,,,,,;;

    • madiha

      hi sis plzzz i want to ask some questions plzzzzzzzzzzzzz ans me

  • Fatima Waseem

    can any one tell me what books should i study for test pf paf my test is on 11-09-16 ..
    ill be glad if any will b of any hlp

  • qasim.sahib

    hello sir…sir plz tell me who is the best book for the prepare the test for apply in army as 2nd leftinent plz tell me soon as soon….thanx

  • sana

    Plz someone tell me about the book that I should study for test……..


      sana what do u want, i wil help u , u msg me at facebook

    • Muhammad Dawood Khan

      The name of the book is”………….”

  • I want to join PAk Army and i love and my wish to join it az sOon as possible .


    intial test ma ata kya ha

  • Nouman Naseeb

    navy join kr k pani ma nahao gi kia ?

  • Nouman Naseeb

    i am waiting…

  • Nouman Naseeb


  • Nouman Naseeb

    pma ki book ,,,theeek rhy gi as a doctor k liay?tell me please,,,,,,,

  • aqeem ul hayat khan

    yaeh you will study your rugular books ( key points ) khan from dikhan

  • Akhlaque Hussain

    138 pma long course k initial test subjects kia kia honge..anybody knows??

    • Akhlaque Hussain

      must reply its my test on 17th may..

  • Adil Yaqoob

    Asslam o alaikum any one tell me about army initial test plz any one guide me about this test??

  • Mehdi Raza

    asalam wa alikum friends PMA 138 ma kis kis na apply kara ha or kis ka test kab ha?



      • Mehdi Raza

        haram zada yujha tamiz nahen ha kya

        • Bano Qusia

          what a rubbish language
          is there!!!!

          • qasim.sahib

            o hello its not ur fb account or inbox…so plz mind ur language

          • Bano Qusia

            i mind my language but u didn’t see the languages of LADLA BHAI and Mehdi Raza?

      • Bano Qusia

        boundless nonsense person u r!!!!

  • Muhammad Talha Aziz


    i just completed my Electrical Engineering, I want to join Pak Army

    they said after Engineering it will be of CAPTAIN rank , is by PMA long course i can join as a captain or not ?

    and when approximately the DSSC for electrical engineers will be announced any idea?

  • Nawaz

    What are the initial test subjects of TCC? Can anyone tell me correctly and from where I should get prepared?

    • Uzair Ahmed Khan

      Intelligence,Maths,English,Physics and Chemistry are initial test subjects. You can prepare them by polishing your FSc knowledge. You must clear all subjects.

  • Aamir Bozdar

    yes you are eligible