World Famous Boundary Lines Quiz Online Mcqs GK Test

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Here we have a online quiz about some of the most well-known and famous boundary lines of the world. Having information about such things is really important as it is quite important topic when it comes to general knowledge related written exams that’s why it is strongly recommended that you attempt this online test in order to check your level of knowledge about this topic.

World Famous Boundary Lines Quiz Online Mcqs GK Test

General Knowledge

1. In Ran of Kutch dispute in 1965 , Pakistan declared frontier between Pakistan and India decided in 1968 is called:

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2. Which are the boundary lines between India & Pakistan?

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3. The boundary line which includes the creek in Sindh is known as?

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4. The total length of frontier between Pakistan and Afghanistan demarcated is:

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5. Armistice line was created in 1949 between:

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6. Frontier between Pakistan and Afghanistan demarcated in:

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7. The boundary line between Azad Kashmir and Occupied Kashmir demarcated as a result of Shimla declaration in 1972

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8. When was demarcated Pakistan-Iran border line?

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9. Which of the following is the Polish-Russian frontier setup in 1945?

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10. Boundary line between Canada and United States is called:

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11. Imaginary line extending north and south through Pacific Ocean is called:

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12. Jack Merison boundary line is situated between:

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13. A direct space satellites telephonic line called Hot Line initially established between

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14. Which are the boundary lines between India and China?

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15. 1400 miles (2250 km) long frontier between Pakistan and Afghanistan demarcated in 1893 in called:

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16. A painted line in Nicosia (Cyprus) that serves as a demarcation line between the Greek and Turkish communities is called:

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17. Name the boundary between Germany and Poland established after the World War II was called:

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18. "Durand Line" is a boundary line situated between:

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19. 24 parallel line was initially established between:

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20. French line of fortification built in 1934, along the German border from Switzerland to Belgium was called:

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