Basic Science Laws Theories and Discoveries Online Quiz Test with Answers Mcqs

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Given below on this page is a online general knowledge quiz about various scientific laws, theories and discoveries which can be used as a guide to evaluate and also improve the level of your information about this topic. As questions related to these are often part of various written exams and interviews so having appropriate amount of knowledge about them is extremely important.

Basic Science Laws Theories and Discoveries Online Quiz Test with Answers Mcqs

Basic Science

1. Ornithology is the study of:

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2. Who was awarded the Noble Prize for the discovery of neutrons?

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3. Mercury thermometer was invented by:

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4. Electron was first identified by:

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5. Transistor was invented by:

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6. Who discovered that the earth was not the centre of the universe?

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7. Nobel Prize was started after the name of Alfred Nobel who invented:

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8. Barometer was invented by:

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9. Study of life in outer space is:

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10. Who among the following received Nobel Prize twice for the same subject?

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11. The steam engine was invented by:

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12. Albert Einstein was a:

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13. Petrol engine was invented by:

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14. Insulin was discovered by?

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15. The scientist credited with the discovery of noble gasses is:

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16. The velocity of light was measured by:

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17. Blood grouping was discovered by:

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18. The scientific study of aging is known as:

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19. Who is father of genetics?

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20. Who was the first to observe ultraviolet rays?

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