Basic Science Evolution of Life Knowledge Online Quiz Test with Answers Mcqs

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Here we have provided a online general knowledge quiz about evolution of life on earth. All the individuals who are set to appear in any general science related written exam or interview must attempt these tests for preparation as they include all the important questions that have really high amount of chances for being included in the actual exam.

Basic Science Evolution of Life Knowledge Online Quiz Test with Answers Mcqs

Basic Science

1. Life appeared about:

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2. Who gave the first general theory of evolution on earth?

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3. Which of the following is a living fossil?

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4. The first organism on earth were:

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5. The species to which we belong is:

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6. Which of the following animal resembles most to human beings in terms of physical and mental capabilities?

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7. Evolution of human species occurred in:

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8. The chief agent of evolution is:

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9. The nearest relatives of man are:

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10. Who proposed the mutation theory of evolution?

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11. Life is absent on moon due to lack of:

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12. The evolution of human species took place mainly in:

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13. The oldest evolutionary history was discovered in:

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14. Which of the following theories as regards the origin of life on earth is accepted today?

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15. The age of reptile was:

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