General Science Basic Computer Knowledge Quiz Online Test For Prep Questions with Answers Mcqs

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To help all the individuals who are going to appear in any everyday science related written exam or interview for any purpose such as admission and job, can attempt this basic general knowledge quiz about computers in order to complete their preparation for it.

General Science Basic Computer Knowledge Quiz Online Test For Prep Questions with Answers Mcqs

Basic Science

1. The Unit that control all part of computer is:

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2. 1 nibble contains:

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3. Which was the first truly electronic computer?

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4. Which country’s people used more internets?

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5. The interface between user and computer is:

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6. What is the name of the professor who coined the name virus for self replicating programs?

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7. The fastest type of computer memory is:

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8. The power of a super computer is measured in term of:

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9. FAST stands for:

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10. What is “Google”?

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11. PC was originally a trade mark of

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12. Which is not High Level Language?

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13. A computer virus is actually:

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14. 1024 bytes equal to:

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15. A combination of 16 bits are called:

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16. A bus with 32 data line can transport how many bits at a time?

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17. The latest computer is called:

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18. The surface of a hard disk is logically divided into:

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19. Which is the largest search engine of the internet?

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20. Martin copper (inventor of cell phone) belonged to which company?

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