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Here we have compiled a mcq’s questions quiz about one of the most famous cricketers of all time, Boom Boom Shahid Afridi who is known for his aggressive batting style and has represented Pakistan in all three formats of the game including Test, ODI and T20I.

Shahid Afridi

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1. The ODI shirt no of Shahid Afridi is ________.

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2. Shahid Afridi was born in which city of Pakistan?

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3. Shahid Afridi scored his fastest ODI century in how many deliveries?

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4. In which year did Afridi made the fastest hundred in ODI history by a Pakistan player?

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5. Shahid Afridi struck the longest six of any form of the game against which team?

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6. Shahid Afridi was born on:

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7. Shahid Afridi is known for his aggressive ________.

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8. The T20 shirt no of Shahid Afridi is______.

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9. Shahid Afridi made his ODI debut against Kenya during:

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10. The full name of Shahid Afridi is:

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  • Aman khan

    Question# 03 answer is Wrong Please check this & update It,

  • Shahzab Khan

    i got up 100% my first test of shahid afridi

  • Bukhari

    For clearification ask the board record of under 19 and Zone record also

  • Bukhari

    Shahid Afridi actual date of birth is 17 April 1977 the date of Birth is mentioned is his younger Brother

  • Muhammad Saqib Changwani

    I got only 100% marks